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  1. zirra

    AAC How can I get the website to display all 8 vocation options rather than just 4?

    Using Gesior ACC and the website will only display 4 of my 8 custom vocations. How can I fix this?
  2. zirra

    How would I turn my Items.otb into an .spr?

    Looking for a way to extract my Items.otb and be able to turn it into a .spr My custom .spr file was destroyed somehow but my otb file is still good so trying to save my custom sprites. any ideas?
  3. zirra

    TFS 1.X+ Cannot connect with host computer

    Self hosting, opened the server and cannot get past the IP Loopback issue. loads char list, and times out after selecting character. Yes, I have searched these forums, similar problems, but none of the solutions work which is why I'm posting a new thread. Hosts changed and saved? Yes Others...
  4. zirra

    AAC [SOLVED] Easy start up help needed. Am I using the right versions?

    So following from Klonera's tutorial, I get to localhost and start the steps, step 1 is fine, step 2 I get error. TFS 1.2, latest xampp, and Gesior TFS 1.2 Step 2 Fatal error: Declaration of Database::query($statement) must be compatible with PDO::query(string $query, ?int $fetchMode = null...
  5. zirra

    Team I need simple help, and awesome people! People I can share the future with!

    I have a Pokemon Server which is online and operational. I need a team to help me as time narrows in my days. I need the following: -- Mapper -- Someone who can focus on spawns and create an even distribution of creatures. -- Another Scripter -- I need another person to help me cut down my...
  6. zirra

    Lua add chance to random items

    So I don't wanna try adding a bunch of codes hoping it works, I've searched for this and came up empty already. I want to add chance to certain items. like a 1% chance for one item and the rest equally random. I know this is probably something easy but I can't think of which way to do it. For...
  7. zirra

    Lua Max distance between a summon and player (pokemon)

    SOLVED!! Problem: Hey so I'm in the works of developing an English pokemon server as part of my live portfolio, and I cannot find any advice on this problem. The only relevant script I have found in my files is this one, this is not my script it came with the server I downloaded but it simply...
  8. zirra

    Team In need of a team for 2 projects!!!

    I'm in need of a team to work with 2 projects (Your not required to work on both projects, however that would be best.) The first project will be an american based pokemon server, however; this won't be just any regular server, I want to completely revamp all the sprites and make our own. More...
  9. zirra

    Lua Npc action errors.

    Running tfs 0.2 client for 9.60 here's the error [03/10/2012 18:21:49] Lua Script Error: [Npc interface] [03/10/2012 18:21:49] data/npc/scripts/spellsvilenecromancer.lua [03/10/2012 18:21:49] data/npc/lib/npcsystem/modules.lua:748: attempt to call global 'getItemNameById' (a nil value)...
  10. zirra

    Got a question for people!!!!

    I havent touched my friends computer at all, and today we found my facebook logged in on his computer (laptop) we live in the same room so is it possible that account information can be transferred from one computer to another without touching it? and i know he doesnt know my stuff etc etc...
  11. zirra

    Gaming Wasted's Damonia life thread

    alright i love doing life threads and this is a nice rpg server. so figured why not :) First off i'm starting off at level 31 as a knight since i didn't plan to do one. but here goes nothing!
  12. zirra

    Gaming [Lunara] Paladin Project! :)

    I was inspired to do one of these by siramix, it's my first one so lets see what we can do! :D UPDATED: December 7th, 2011 ACCOUNT STATUS IS: Premium 119 days left Current Gear: See skills in the goals/skills section :) starting it off at lvl 9!!
  13. zirra

    char list loads, char does not log in

    Ok, first off; Yes, i did search the forum for my problem. anyways, i followed the tutorial for setting up your first otserver. >>> OtLand - Setting up your first OpenTibia server in Windows <<< Downloaded TFS 0.2.11 i set the ip to localhost and changed the ip of my client to localhost...
  14. zirra

    I can't open up my server because...

    the TFS (0.3.2) isn't on my computer anymore (no idea what happened to it) but anyways i can't find it either.. i feel blind lol but i've looked everywhere it seems like.
  15. zirra

    How can i make it to where a chat channel opens every time they log on..

    i want to have it so staff channel open up on any player that can access staff. no matter if they go on a char that doesn't or not, no matter what if they log on a char that can access the staff channel its automatically open
  16. zirra

    Server randomly shuts off

    the server will randomly crash/shutoff while its online. any ideas why? like it will still load ur char list, but it wont let u log into the game until the auto restarter kicks on.
  17. zirra

    Monster Energy Drink =D

    Here is my Monster Energy Drink :D I need some tips tho so help me out =) Popped the top up a lil bit, looks more cylindrical.. anything else i should change?
  18. zirra

    From Sqlite to Mysql

    Ok, so either i need help on a website for sqlite that will show highscores and everything, or somehow transfer everything over from my sqlite3 server to a mysql.
  19. zirra

    S3DB reset??

    I just need to clean my Sqlite 3 database so my server can start new again.. but i'm not really sure on how to do that haha.. can someone please give me detailed instructions on how to do it?
  20. zirra

    charges on a weapon

    ok so i have this axe i need fixed.. in items.xml this is what i have for it </item> <item id="10185" article="a" name="gore axe"> <attribute key="weight" value="3400"/> <attribute key="attack" value="100"/> <attribute key="defense" value="5"/> <attribute key="weaponType"...