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  1. oen432

    Twitch leak

    Find out how much your favorite streamer is making https://www.twitchearnings.com/
  2. oen432

    Email notifications delayed

    Anyone else getting delayed emails about new converstations and such? I'm getting one even days after new conversation or a replay.
  3. oen432

    Skills and skilling, lazy way to boost players online

    I don't know if there is at least one OTS where access to trainers are not available since level 1(8). That being said, what's the purpose of skills and skilling if you can get high skill level without any effort? Is it really to get free (and not against rules of otservlist) boost to players...
  4. oen432

    Noob spriter gallery

    I suck at art, end of story. Auras 1. 2. 3. Objects 1.
  5. oen432

    [Tool] Lua scripts Node Builder

    Another day, another project 😅. I'm not here to sell you this nor convince that this is something you should praise, just wanted to showcase what is on the way. Node based editors are already a thing for years, the most famous being Blueprints from Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Bolt (you can create...
  6. oen432

    Merry Christmas!

  7. oen432

    My first take on Digital Music Composition

    So I bought a pack of sound files (400+ unique sounds, sound effects, wooshes, risers, signatures, hits, ambience, rhythmic sfx) and tried to compose something. Well, this is the result. Download
  8. oen432


    ngl, they scared the shit out of me.
  9. oen432

    Complaint Advertisement forum broken

    Same for threads made in Ad forum.
  10. oen432

    OTLand updated

    So today OTLand got an update. Text editor got updated, thread view layout changed and there is now Upvote/Downvote system. Anyone else noticed something new?
  11. oen432

    Create installer for your client

    Instead of providing your server client as a archive, take it to next level and make a proper installer. Not only it looks more professional but allows users for better client management (own folder, uninstaller, desktop and start menu shortcuts etc.). Download innosetup-6.0.5.exe from Inno...
  12. oen432

    Broken effects drawing.

    Anyone else is having same issue? Tested on original OTC and OTCv8, both are broken. https://streamable.com/h8zbkf Seems like at some point magic effects frames are skipped when you move or not rendered but then they appear again when you move.
  13. oen432

    Suggestion Very Dark Black style, links in posts are not visible

    Add underline or change color of links. Guess which part of this post is link.
  14. oen432

    Programmer [LUA/C++/Web] Temporary available for hire

    I'm available for hire for a limited time so if you need something, contact me asap with details. You can check my work by following links in my signature. TFS 1.3 C++ Lua OTClient C++ Lua Web PHP HTML CSS JS PM here Discord: Oen44#3612
  15. oen432

    Suggestion Add "The Forgotten Server Development" to "New posts"

    Like in the title, this category posts aren't displayed in New posts.
  16. oen432

    [Suggestion] Items and proper UID system

    Anyone else thinks that with OTC being more and more popular, we should start working on a real Item Unique Identification, like in any other multiplayer game? Why? Simple, client has no way to identify one item from another if they are the same type (like two Fire Axes, where one has bonus...
  17. oen432

    [Tool] OTUI Editor

    About OTUI Editor is an open-source, desktop application that allows easy visual GUI design for OTClient modules. Features Projects support Custom made widgets Custom images Image border (9-slice) Property editor Read and write .otui files Windows and Linux support Version: Early Alpha...
  18. oen432

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] Upgrade System

    NEW UPDATES -> GitHub Upgrade System Tibia has flat, dull, boring and not fun items system, time to change it. Expand your server with a lot of possibilities to make grinding more satisfying. No more useless items laying around and being ignored by others, now every item can be powerful. Using...
  19. oen432

    Feature [TFS & OTClient] Progressbar for creatures

    This month I wanted to start sharing source changes for TFS and OTClient. There are plenty of stuff coming so I'll start with smaller ones. Progressbar Simple and straight forward. Progressbar can be used to show something about to happen (spell is about to be cast) or about to end (like a...
  20. oen432

    Scripter Free TFS (1.X) scripts - post your ideas

    Hello guys, I'm trying to convince people to use TFS 1.3 with all that free stuff but I need you guys to help me, I'm out of ideas. Post your ideas about new scripts you ever wished to have or something. If they are good enough I'll try and create them and then post for free for everyone. Keep...