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  1. Andréew

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Don't know why really but it reminds me of something that someone like pero or maybe bybbzan would make back in the day. I like it brings back memories looking at maps like this! Well done mate, can't wait to see more :)
  2. Andréew

    Real Revamps Showoff

    Haha it's coming @silveralol Just wait another 5 years then I'll post 🤣🤣
  3. Andréew

    Chester Thread "Shadow Era"

    Thats actually pretty cool, would most likely get my vote tbh.. i feel like there is a story behind this one, also some pretty dope mapping tricks as you mentioned that i havent seen anyone use in a long time.. good job!
  4. Andréew

    Andreew's showoff

    Since the mapping contest got cancelled i might aswell post it here, might come some ingame screens from it aswell in the future.
  5. Andréew

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    @scheisse sure it does, there are plenty of icy caves around the globe with vegetation inside of them. i think it looks nice. i would delete the large cauldrons tho, they dont really fit the environment. other then that, good job keep it up mate. cant wait to see more! :)
  6. Andréew

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S3] - October Sign Up

    Happy to see the contests are running again! even tho a lot of mappers are currently inactive (myself included) i really hope some of you guys takes some time out of your day to join. Good luck to everyone, cant wait to see what people come up with! Thanks for hosting Wibbenz! :)
  7. Andréew

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Aaah yeah that might be right.. 🤣
  8. Andréew

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Rookgaard? Am i right? 🤣
  9. Andréew

    Bybbzan's Mapping

    Haha shiet welcome back! I dig it, i think I've seen one or two from before but hey it's awesome that you update the thread! Will there be more? ;)
  10. Andréew

    3D Tibia maps, what next?

    This is amazing! Wow i might actually buy one! 😲❤️
  11. Andréew

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    amazing! great work everyone! happy to see this being released!
  12. Andréew

    Just need a little advice.

    Actually with some small fixes, that ghoul spawn is not bad! Not bad at all i like it! Try to not make things so square! Be patient, it takes time to learn how to map. But once you get the basics down and the mind set it's only your imagination that sets the bar. Try to have a "colour...
  13. Andréew

    Tibia memes

    Swedish rap about tibia, this shit is legendary
  14. Andréew

    [Tutorial] Effective layout and paths

    Great addition to this tutorial @zbizu it's something to have in mind when designing a hunting spot!
  15. Andréew

    OTClient Aura Placement

    I've had troubles with Atlas in the past aswell, not personally but he tried to sell stolen sprites to a friend of mine.. think it was leshrot's sprites if im not wrong, just take care when buying from him :) if you want more info, PM me.
  16. Andréew

    [Tutorial] Effective layout and paths

    Effective layout and paths Mappers Guild Tutorial Written by: Andreew Introduction I want to talk about layout, having a good layout ensures that the game’s movement flows for the user. Achieving this will ensure the most pleasant gameplay and enhance your maps a lot. remember that this is my...
  17. Andréew

    Mappers guild

    I want to remind you all that you are most welcome to join this group! we have posted some tutorials and we are having a good time!
  18. Andréew

    Andreew's showoff

    @Awesomedudei thanks man, glad you liked it. @scheisse It might come, it might not xD glad you liked it anyway! @Magnetico You are amazing my friend. 35. Just made something quick to see how it turned out, it can be a cool hunting ground but there is still room for improvements but i wanted...
  19. Andréew

    (Map Showoff) - Thunderia OT

    Always loved your maps, keep posting cant wait for more updates.
  20. Andréew

    Mappers guild

    Hello friends! Me and Mackan have started a new Discord server for people who are or want to become mappers. It's based on the idea of the open-source community where we learn from and help each other. The goal is to get mappers to work together more and open up the scene for those who haven't...