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    (Scripts) Protection in area, only one player

    Have way to lock a area to a player? For example: if one Player go to area x y z (top left) 1000 1000 7 x y z (bottom right) 1200 1200 7 Only this player can walk in the area, other players can't enter the area, how do it?
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    TFS 0.X Server Crash When Opening

    Some times when I open the server, it crashes when loading Items and close, Nothing appears in the Console, how get the error? I need open between 1 ~ 5 times to the Server Works...
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    C++ (Action) Request SLOT MACHINE

    When I use the Item with actionid 5555 (Slot Machine) I can receive a random item between (10, 500, 600, 700, 855) or nothing. And the items have custom win % Item 500 is 10% win rate Item 10 is 80% win rate
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    Lua NPC Duel System (POKEMON TIBIA)

    My NPC System don't work fine. Bugs: If I talk with NPC and say hi/duel he say: "You need a pokemon to do this" but if I remove this function in script, the NPC summon the First Pokemon, but The Pokemon don't attack my pokemon. He is "Passive". And when Dead, I can catch the Pokemon, I need...
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    Lua Block action item in Protection Zone

    How Block a action item in Protection Zone? with lua script If the player use the Item, say a message: "You can't use this item in Protection Zone" function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if item.itemid == 4850 then if #getCreatureSummons(cid) == 0 then...