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  1. rocamalo

    Real Map 8.0

    I was wondering if anyone has a data pack real map 8.0 i'd really appreciate if you share it! Thanks!
  2. rocamalo

    Solved Hosting WebSite at home

    Hi community! it's me again hehe. I have my server+database+website up and running at my own computer, i have a pc im planning to let 24/7 online so i was wondering, if i buy a domain is it possible to host the website in my own computer, what software shoul i use and what ports should i open, i...
  3. rocamalo

    Find All Npcs on Remeres

    Hi community! I was wondering if there's a way to find all the NPCS named "NPC EXAMPLE" in my whole map, that's because i have a problem with a NPC (Haroun) and i wanna delete it from the MAP but can't find where are all the places the NPC is, thanks for your help!
  4. rocamalo

    Windows Cliente Crashes when changing outfit

    Hello community, i got this big bug on my server, no matter what account or character i use, i can't change the outfit, it crashes, here is the pic: Thanks for your help! im using TFS 1.2
  5. rocamalo

    ZnoteAAC for TFS 0.3.6 (Crying Damson)

    Hello guys! im loosing my mind right now! i've been working on a server 7.6 and finally got it to work with TFS 0.3.6 and the server is smooth, but cant get to make any AAC to work! :( i tried Nicaw and nothing, tried Gesior, Modern, and finally got some advance with ZnoteACC (i think 1.5 it...
  6. rocamalo

    Acc For TFS 3.0

    Hello community, i have an old 7.6 server working with TFS 3.0 Crying Damson but i cant find an ACC to working with this server, i've tried several NicawAAC, Znote and gesior but cant make them work, would you recommend one ACC or give some orientation, ill appreciate it thanks!
  7. rocamalo

    Gesior ACc 0.3.7

    Well the problem is that i've done everything ok, i think whith xampp and installing the gesior, i can connect myself to the page, by localhost, but when i try to give my friends the ip of my server, they can't enter, i think i've opened the port 80 correctly, but im not sure, where can i see if...
  8. rocamalo

    How to change protocol from 8.5 to 8.6

    Well my question is simple: How to change the protocol of my ot 8.5 to protocol 8.6, i don't need new items or new stuff, just want to players enter in my server with their 8.6 tibia version cliente, thats all, ive been trying replacing the dlls, updating the map to 8.6, but it just give a lot...