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  1. asdzx123

    C++ Player.cpp / player.h exp onkill

    Need this features in my sources ---------------------------------- There is not limit level, if you are level 1000 and you kill a level 300 you will get experience anyways. Level Balanced (if you are 1000 Level and 300 Level KILL you he will get Max 3- 4 Levels). This script tfs 0.4
  2. asdzx123

    Lua Change script tfs 1.3 to 0.4

    local baseStorage = 400000 GemsDamage = { storages = { EXTRA_SPELLS_DAMAGE = {storage = baseStorage, name = 'extra spell damage', percent = 30}, EXTRA_SPELLS_PROTECTION = {storage = baseStorage + 1, name = 'extra spell protection', percent = 20}, EXTRA_SPEED = {storage =...
  3. asdzx123

    AAC Znote acc characterprofile

    Need in characterprofile.php precent skills like this
  4. asdzx123

    Znote Acc - small problem header

    Can you add me in foreach flags and death
  5. asdzx123

    TFS 0.4 issue

    Linux version Debian 8 TFS version : 0.4 1593434930 not solved
  6. asdzx123

    I need Scrpiter I'm Mapper

    i search for someone scrpiter there someone ? Join Evolera.De
  7. asdzx123

    [Sweden] [8.6] Evolera 9999x exp custom War-Evo

    Server is starting 13/3/2020 16:00 Swedish GMT+1 Basic information about Evolera: Client: 8.6 Ip: Evolera.eu Port: 7171 What kind of server is Evolera? Evolera is a high exp server where the focus mostly lays on PVP. Of course, there are quests, hunting places and bosses, however the main goal...
  8. asdzx123

    i need tibia client 12 protcol 10

    any one can help me with create client 10 protcol 12 ? i have a rl map server client 12 need someone to help me and be with me in this ot server