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  1. Noupz

    C++ Mouse Mid Button

    I would like to know if it is possible to add the middle mouse button in tfs0.4 rev3777 on Ubuntu 14.04, so that when it is clicked, if it has some summon, send it to where it was clicked I know there are pokemon script, but I wanted it that way
  2. Noupz

    Compiling Warnings I'd like to solve

    I use Ubuntu 14.04 with tfs 0.4 rev3777 when i am compiling, these warnings comes to me: Warning in chat.cpp chat.cpp: In member function ‘ChatChannel* Chat::getChannel(Player*, uint16_t)’: chat.cpp:1143:10: warning: converting ‘false’ to pointer type ‘ChatChannel*’ [-Wconversion-null]...
  3. Noupz

    C++ Storage to summon follow

    This is part of my monster.cpp i would like this part work with a storage, like this of course what i've done is wrong, but is the perfect example of what i want, someone could help me? this is the source i use MEGA
  4. Noupz

    Skill by WeaponType

    I would like to know if is possible to change the skills in skill channel when player change his weapon (E.g: if is a sword then will show up (ML, Sword, Shielding and fishing)), the same if is axe, club or distance, if has no weapon then appear Fist
  5. Noupz

    C++ Order Summon

    I would like to know if its possible order summon in otserv of tibia, like pxg, but in normal otserv Uso tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  6. Noupz

    Linux Error in distro

    i use Ubuntu 14.04 and when i open the server, in the end appear this message the server works fine, but i want solve this problem to avoid future errors or bugs, i use tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  7. Noupz

    Error when compiling in VS2015

    I followed the original tutorial and i saw when i used both .bat to register in PATH they simply don't register and both of them are in C:/ I don't know how to do manually (what exactly folder set in PATH) Errors: - Error List - Output
  8. Noupz

    Error when compiling

    i followed this tutorial Compiling on Windows · edubart/otclient Wiki · GitHub and i've got this error Build Log: Build Messages:
  9. Noupz

    Different Stacking for Ammunition

    I would like your help to put the sources, so that if an item is ammunition, then he has a larger stack, reaching 500 for example, if no ammunition, so the default is 100 I use tfs 0.4 / server 8.71
  10. Noupz

    Windows Save 0

    I have 2server online, how i do to the players created in world_id = 0 receive the save = 0? the follow others 3 samples with save 0 but when create the character the save turns to 1 and i don't want it, i use gesior acc
  11. Noupz

    Compiling Help to compile yatc

    I would like to ask for help to compile this sources of yatc on visual studio, i don't know what out where, understand? sry my bad english Here is the link das sources
  12. Noupz

    Windows 2 otserver without change port

    Olá, gostaria de saber como faço pra ter 2 servidores online no meu pc e acessar chars de ambos os servidores em um otclient-proprio, ou seja, sem tem que ficar mudando de port 7171 pra 7173? Hello, i wouldlike to know what i do to have 2 servers online in my pc e access the characters of both...
  13. Noupz

    Linux Gesior 1.x + TFS 1.2 on Ubuntu

    I'm using xampp in Ubuntu 16.04 and i am having this problem STEP 1 Check server configuration Warning: file_put_contents(./config/config.php): failed to open stream: Permissão negada in /opt/lampp/htdocs/classes/website.php on line 103 Error occured! Error ID: More info...
  14. Noupz

    Compiling Error in Qt 4.8.0 when try compile tibiaeditor

    i use qt 4.8.0 >> https://download.qt.io/archive/qt/4.8/4.8.0/ << and when i try compile this sources >> https://mega.nz/#!LNV0nJQI!XqaqVsq_wFsXDGZWCeQjH-DM51L0JlJmi0BF8VM39uc << (installer of visual studio 2008 is in) in the visual studio 2008 express, i got this errors, someone could help me...
  15. Noupz

    Compiling Error to compile

    i'm having this errors when i try to sources https://mega.nz/#!ucsyQDjb!CVJNsUKalXC-TctmAIO5oFeB_OvzXojzF-SbZmrGWc4 I know it's because of my version of Qt be higher than that used in the original lineup , but not against the original installers and also can not convert them to the version I...
  16. Noupz

    Compiling Error to compile

    Someone could help me to compile this sources from tibiaeditor? https://mega.nz/#!rUdQFaLT!dOcUVyxdW2j3hBJR2-F_Cup6Xjq-A7yq2IBJHXoUFYM i never used visual studio 2015 community but an user says to me he used it and work fine. but he don't helped me, someone could teach me how to do? sry my bad...
  17. Noupz

    Programmer PAY for Addon 3

    Can anyone help me set the addon 3 to be the addon 3 and no addons 1 and 2 ? send me pm
  18. Noupz

    Script Color

    I was wondering if someone makes me a script like, if the guy puts demon helmet ( red) hair turns red , goes down the steel helmet ( white ) hair is white .. can anyone help me ? It would be the same for the rest of the body procedure
  19. Noupz

    Compiling Addon 3

    I need help to take off the addon 3 appearing addon 1 and 2, i want the addon 3 appear the third addon, i think it is in this files but i am not sure. outfit.cpp - http://pastebin.com/x3qw9Tnu player.cpp - http://pastebin.com/rXPwUKXS outfit.h - http://pastebin.com/eBnAzMap player.h -...
  20. Noupz

    Compiling TibiaEditor problems

    I need help to build these sources https://github.com/asamy45/TibiaEditor when I open the Visual Studio 2010 program opens the Wizard Convert to convert the sources , as was done in an earlier version of VS, and so the ending to convert these warnings : and when I try to build from these errors...