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  1. Cys9211

    Gesior 2012 guilds creation problem [TFS 1.3]

    Hello, I have a problem with starting Guilds, namely when I start guilds everything is going well Then after clicking Next Ultimately, the guild doesn't come into being This is my pages/guilds.php https://pastebin.com/raw/PMSzy4mH mysql table CREATE TABLE `guilds` ( `id` int(11)...
  2. Cys9211

    Market names

    Where I will add names to items in the market
  3. Cys9211

    Klient 11.44

    Szukam pomocy przy zmianie ip w kliencie 11.44.5516 na moje
  4. Cys9211

    Whoisonline.php edit

    Who can add to script (Outfit, Skull, Flag Shower) Please help - rep! :)
  5. Cys9211

    House Tiles bug HELP

    Hello, I use this tutorial and have bug on trunk r3884 Jak zablokować zasypywanie depo i domków
  6. Cys9211

    Windows LMS(MOD) BUG

  7. Cys9211

    In Service of Yalahar Quest bug(questlog)

    Hello, I 7 missions begin , and questlog Next 3 and nothing more.
  8. Cys9211

    Compiling Cast 8.6 r3884

    Hello, I have a porblem with a compilation of cast system on tfs 0.4 r3884 please help rep + [Linker error] undefined reference to `Player::cSpectators' [Linker error] undefined reference to `Player::nextSpectator' [Linker error] undefined reference to `Player::castAutoList' g++.exe...
  9. Cys9211

    Source with cast system 8.6

    Looking engine 8.6 with cast system (source)!
  10. Cys9211

    Forum.php Gęsior 2012 HELP

    HELP!! What i change to small this text place? forum.php ---> http://wklej.to/LnPgG and what i change to Hidden Account Manager and Sample Player? <div id="vt_panel_module"> <div class="header">TOP 20 PLAYERS</div> <?php...
  11. Cys9211

    Gęsior ACC help!

    How do I set number (1,2,3) were not visible when I log on. <li><a href="index.php?subtopic=accountmanagement">Zaloguj</a></li> <?php if($logged): ?> <li><a href="index.php?subtopic=accountmanagement&amp;action=logout">Wyloguj</a></li>...
  12. Cys9211

    Compiling Search systems

    Search Systems: Browse Field, Guild mark 10:10.
  13. Cys9211

    Mana/Hp regeneration problem

    720HD my vocations.xml : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <vocations> <vocation id="0" clientId="0" name="None" description="none" needpremium="0" gaincap="10" gainhp="5" gainmana="5" gainhpticks="6" gainhpamount="1" gainmanaticks="6" gainmanaamount="2" manamultiplier="4.0"...
  14. Cys9211

    Gęsior shopsystem

    I'm looking for a script to acc maker if anyone has it? You can see on this page http://aurera.eu/?subtopic=marketplace
  15. Cys9211

    Something funny by Mag Knight

  16. Cys9211

    Compiling CodeBlock error

    Hi, I have a problem with the compilation engine: 0.2.15.r102 CodeBlock the program on Windows, operates according to the instructions in this guide: OtLand - Compiling The Forgotten Server 0.2 with Code::Blocks in Windows (I downloaded and libraries CodeBlock this guide) and I get the...
  17. Cys9211

    Mailbox bug

    Hello I need help with error message that is show in the film. Video: http://youtu.be/ZQ2nlrZoj-Q RME ( all OK ): Mailbox.cpp: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // OpenTibia - an opensource roleplaying game...
  18. Cys9211

    Script !task search

    Hi I'm looking for a script on a task system's task so that you can take the example by using the command:! Task Dragon and also looking for sub-subtopic = task which presents part of the picture:
  19. Cys9211

    Characters online Players Active/AFK

    Hi, I need your help, let's get straight to the heart of the matter: I would like the script to show me whoisonline.php as pictured, how many people are active online, and how many people are online AFK. Please answer quickly, I'm sorry for my English.
  20. Cys9211

    [poland] [8.60] azonera rl map oro