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  1. Nubaza

    OTClient Clickable word npc in OTClient

    The problem is that now you cannot select or copy a selected text on Default Channel or others.
  2. Nubaza

    ObjectBuilder [10.32]

    Same:/ Do you solved?
  3. Nubaza

    How to compile ObjectBuilder?

  4. Nubaza

    Mapper Looking for a Mapper for Pokexmortal

    Hello, I am Looking for a Mapper for my Pokemon Server: Pokexmortal since i don't have enough time to do it for myself, i need help! Specially, i need new Quests. I've been thinking on Lugia Quest, Ho-Oh quest, some like that. I can give the idea and you can let your imagination work too. I've...
  5. Nubaza

    Dragon Ball Omega | Project (Very soon) | Modded Cliente | Looking for help!

    Bump What happent with this project? :P
  6. Nubaza

    This new character list

    Someone explained here: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-c-how-i-can-send-player-informations-to-characterlist.259306/
  7. Nubaza

    This new character list

    u think someone gave me this? For free? Nope, just studying and learning, like everyone
  8. Nubaza

    [PROJECT] OTClient - cipsoft interface

  9. Nubaza

    ShootEffects para uint16 / limit 65.534

  10. Nubaza

    Trade items with id higher than 20000

    same problem Fixed edithing items.cpp on sources: /* if(id > 20000 && id < 20100) { id -= 20000; ItemType* iType = new ItemType(); iType->id = id; items.addElement(iType, iType->id); } */ /*if(serverId > 20000 && serverId < 20100) serverId =...
  11. Nubaza

    [Showcase] New modifications (OTClient + TFS)

    Can i buy that advanced Trade syst? :o
  12. Nubaza

    [SHOW OFF] PokeZring - Shining Legends

    Nice modules
  13. Nubaza

    Generating crash dump with Windows - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (MSVC only)

    i did everything correct and never generated a .mdmp file.
  14. Nubaza

    Scripter Needed (PAYED OFC)

  15. Nubaza

    Sprite Target circle

  16. Nubaza

    Scripter Searching for Scripters

    Contact me, i speak spanish too xD