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  1. marek12

    Long time no see

    Oh boi, have not been here for a while. It's nice to see you all again, hope you all doing well. I had some spare time today and thought why not try spriting once again? 2 versions of my "comeback helmet"
  2. marek12

    Compiling Object builder wrong signature

    Hello guys, even though I am spriting for a long time now, I have never played with object builder that much. One day I set up object builder for my 8.6 version, but now I need to set it to work with 10.77 sprites and I have no clue how to set it up correctly. Everytime I navigate to the folder...
  3. marek12

    Marek12 Gallery (FREE2USE)

    After some break I just made 2 weapons today and will post more daily, free for use. Whenever I got anything new, it will be shared in this thread for you guys :) LAST UPDATED: 12/03/21
  4. marek12

    Graphic Designer Graphic design (UNIQUE WEB-SHOP GRAPHICS)

    Hello guys, I have recently idea in my head that I have never seen before. Here is an example of what I mean: You all have probably seen or still even use everywhere this webshop layout: So as you can see you have a simple description or name of the item and then you got standard in-game...
  5. marek12

    My Gallery

    Please be aware that I am NOT allowing to use/publish/resell any of the sprite shown in this thread without of me knowing it first! Hello guys, today I made a decision to start merging and showing to you guys my own sprites. In real life I am tattooing and drawing. Even though I am quite new on...
  6. marek12

    FREE SPRITES GALLERY. (Post yours too!)

    Hiho guys. I've seen similar thread but is already dead so I thought why not to make a new one. I will sometimes post here some of unwanted sprites made by myself. But the main point is to gather as many free to use sprites as we can. SHARE your sprites in this thread. All individual sprites...
  7. marek12

    My League Of Legends Sprites in Tibia!

    Hiho community! Some of you may seen my previous thread about Harry Potter's sprites. Today I had an idea to try make this little cute chamster in tibia style and continue to make some of the League Of Legends sprites. I will probably continue the thread so please tell me which character you...
  8. marek12

    Graphic Designer Spriting service. (items/outfits/nature/grounds/repair)

    Please visit my sprite-dedicated website to get in touch or to order diamatspriting.com Hello guys. Here I am just for you to create unique sprites pixel by pixel by myself without using any enhancing/automated programs to keep my work look more professional just for yourself and nobody else...
  9. marek12

    Can I change the nickname on OtLand?

    IS there a way of changing my name on otland? I made this account long time ago and I have put random sh*t. Did not thought I will stay here for long but I actually will.
  10. marek12

    My Harry Potter's gallery.

    Hello guys. I have seen recently a thread where people made some harry potter's characters but have not seen Hermiona, so I decided to give it a try and to be honest I am happy with the result. Anyways I am aware that it may be bad in some way for others, so please leave a feedback how do you...
  11. marek12

    C++ Where is the error here? o.O

    hello guys. I am using this mod: http://otland.net/threads/mod-random-item-stats.130295/ The author is saying that I need to edit source code in order to make the attack range on wands and bows and hit chance on bow/xbows working. This is what I have done with sources (following author)...
  12. marek12

    Lua [0.4] Remove skill function or query?

    Damn, did not ever thought I would struggle with this kind of thing. Anyone got query code or function to reset all skills other than doPlayerAddskillTry? OR sources rook system
  13. marek12

    Lua 1.X functions on 0.4?

    Is it possible to add 1.X functions to 0.4? If I add functions to the lib folder in new file would it work? or I need to add them to the sources?
  14. marek12

    Compiling Unmovable items dissappearing from the houses after restart. [0.4]

    Hi again guys, I am facing now the problem with items that can't be moved being removed from the house after server restart. I am 99.999999% sure this is coded in cpp (which I don't know completely), anyone can help me with this one so it's not going to remove unmovable items? :D Example: when...
  15. marek12

    Compiling How to fix that? [TFS 0.4]

    I'm using this modification: Feature - Quiver [TFS 1.X + 0.X] (https://otland.net/threads/quiver-tfs-1-x-0-x.264070/) Source edits: Fir3element/3777 (https://github.com/Fir3element/3777/compare/master...rookgaard:feature/quiver) How it should work: equip Quiver into arrow slot, put arrows...
  16. marek12

    Compiling Global depot in 8.6?

    Is there any chance someone can post here source edits needed to make the depots global like in global tibia? I have already added the depot boxes 1-12 sprites to the client. TFS 0.4
  17. marek12

    Compiling OTclient compilation

    hello guys, does anyone know or seen any good OTclient 8.6 tutorial? or maybe someone already compiled for yourselfwith any tutorial that worked for him, can you please share the link? :D
  18. marek12

    Compiling Items animation speed?

    Anyone know where to fin the line that changes the speed of animation in items? I am working on 8.6 and have added items from tibia 12, but the animations are so slow. What I mean is if I added an teleport sprite from newest tibia, it has 12 animations and in game they are changing every second...
  19. marek12

    Compiling (0.4) (x64) Compiling nightmare :X

    god damn, I've tried to compile for the first time in my life and it is real nightmare for me :S Was looking on all tutorials possibly can find at this moment I can't even start compiling because I am getting error " cannot find -llua51 " the second after I hit "Compile". Would anyone please...
  20. marek12

    Compiling looking for tibia 10+ sprites

    Anyone can share with me the newest tibia spr and dat please? :D