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  1. Cys9211

    Gesior 2012 guilds creation problem [TFS 1.3]

    Hello, I have a problem with starting Guilds, namely when I start guilds everything is going well Then after clicking Next Ultimately, the guild doesn't come into being This is my pages/guilds.php https://pastebin.com/raw/PMSzy4mH mysql table CREATE TABLE `guilds` ( `id` int(11)...
  2. Cys9211

    [12.x] OTServBR-Global

    When I enter the wrong login it is information that it is wrong and when it is good it is just like the picture
  3. Cys9211

    Market names

    Where I will add names to items in the market
  4. Cys9211

    Action [TFS 1.2] Exercise Weapons

    Help, Who can add function to script?
  5. Cys9211

    Action [TFS 1.2] Exercise Weapons

    Work only on Protection Zone
  6. Cys9211

    Action [TFS 1.2] Exercise Weapons

    Can you add modification? Storage after logging out does not change the value to 0, this way after relog during training, you can not continue.
  7. Cys9211

    Action [TFS 1.2] Exercise Weapons

  8. Cys9211

    Klient 11.44

    Szukam pomocy przy zmianie ip w kliencie 11.44.5516 na moje
  9. Cys9211

    Tibia 11 Discussion(+Tutorial how to able to use it)

    Who can help me, and edit or who can upload for me client 11.44.5516.exe with my ip
  10. Cys9211

    push delay

    http://wklej.to/pGTIl Who can edit this Game.cpp?
  11. Cys9211

    House Tiles bug HELP

  12. Cys9211

    Whoisonline.php edit

    Who can add to script (Outfit, Skull, Flag Shower) Please help - rep! :)