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  1. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

  2. Beyond Sky

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    Omg, look this harmony. I love this that u can do. Beauty without exaggeration on details.
  3. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    The beauty of Winter.
  4. Beyond Sky

    The Unknown | Mapping Thread

    Gratz, the grounds harmony, the vegetagion, the creativity... each thought detail. In love about ur job.
  5. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

  6. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Yeah Liberty Bay " ... When it was first founded by Pirates, they gave it the name Summerhaven. When Thais took over, however, it was renamed to Liberty Bay and has since then become a dichotomy of economic status. The Thaian representatives and their assistants reside in the mansions to the...
  7. Beyond Sky

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    OMG this is incredible, i like how u use border in some places. What is ID of this border
  8. Beyond Sky

    #ImaGistaa Mapp.

    Nice man, big this map. I like how you use the variety of details in the same place but i think that u be careful with things outside of the context of the environment and that get in harmony.
  9. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Hello Guys this is a little place from my new island, by the way the my favorite place of map. Someone know which city from Global Am I upgrading?
  10. Beyond Sky

    Faruk showoff

    Nice man, put each detail in ur place. But i think that you need upgrade in somes aspects. How about lot of trees in small places and others but this is my point of view U is a great mapper.
  11. Beyond Sky

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Nature, benedetta city
  12. Beyond Sky

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    I'm ur fan. Gratz details, constructions, nature, environment, lights OMG all in harmony
  13. Beyond Sky

    Show Off Video - Pitlover, city open to down

    Hail Guys, I'm developing some maps on my free hours with purpose to make available to comunity. And this is mini teaser of how is it getting the city that I'm doing. see the video and comment about which need change or about which add ... Ps.: srry my bad english
  14. Beyond Sky

    10.98 Custom openworld MappingThread

    goods houses and halls but try turn off auto-border it will get better
  15. Beyond Sky

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    I'm back This is start of map based on last post's pic Ionia from Runeterra from League of legends
  16. Beyond Sky

    Peroxide's Mapping Thread

    Omg Peroxide im like urs jobs its a long time.
  17. Beyond Sky

    New Port Hope

    I Need Ideas... pic inspirations ... to remake the Banuta City.
  18. Beyond Sky

    New Port Hope

    This is continuation of my Upgrade on the Global Map.
  19. Beyond Sky

    Mix Dem Showoff

    Very good man. Well detailed map, well positioned objects ... greats pic.