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  1. Kabo Flow

    Lua Npc Quest

    good I wanted to see if someone helps me I take a npc to quest for storage .. example the npc asks you for help to search for an item in that place You will have to go for that item to pick it up and then return to deliver it and ask you to take a gift to a friend who is in another area ...
  2. Kabo Flow

    Compiling The Ruby Server

    hello I have been trying to compile the Ruby Server for weeks It's a poketibia but with the tutorials I just can't compile it already gave me a headache and then seeing that in any forum they help you I'm not asking for much, a person who knows about visual studio has to see and can help me with...
  3. Kabo Flow

    Lua Dungeon System

    I have this script and I want it to be with command and not by tile example! dungeon killing all will give you a teleport to the chest Actions -- simple reward script, using actionid and the global table. function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local action_ID =...
  4. Kabo Flow

    Door Storage

    Hi there someone could help me with this file What happens is that when you open the door, it turns it into another, it becomes more doors .. example door 1 becomes 2 and thus it becomes.
  5. Kabo Flow

    Poison/burst Arrow

    Hi, I have a problem on a 7.4 server. The arrows don't hit anything, I modified and they still don't hit someone who can help me. Here are the 2 scripts. HELP 1612224528 up