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Search results

  1. tim26

    Scripter search team to otserver

    Search team to otserver, i plan invest some cash for buying good server, not dedicated but something like this down, own computer server, thenn we don't must paying monthly. I want help with some script, maps ewentualy and host of course. Serwer will be have some shop and members in the team...
  2. tim26

    TFS 1.X+ Tibia 12.

    How distro i can use for newest client tibia? I saw on otserv list server on client 12.1 on distro tfs 1.6 but that not exits.
  3. tim26

    C++ compiler PAID

    We search C++ compiler to one job, compile server TFS with change klient version to 12.1 i code on linux/ ubuntu. If you have some proposition what you can do inn c++ (some usefull script) msg me.
  4. tim26

    TFS, lua scripter Paid job

    We need good scripter to implement new funkcions in server, on version 12.1. Aplication with portfolio (scripts you made own). Work will be start in one week. Good if you are PL. Aplication Name: City: Some script projects(names):
  5. tim26

    Compiling Wersja klienta

    Mam pytania po dlugim czasie wracam do projektu otsa, chciałbym zrobić klient 12.1 ale widze że wersje tfsa staneły w miejscu, co muszę zaktualizować aby serve działał po 1.2, wersje w C++, items.otb, coś jeszcze?
  6. tim26

    Acc maker for tfs 1.2 10.90

    I search acc maker to tfs 1.2 tibia 10.90,. can anyone send me link?
  7. tim26

    Search Team scripter, mapper, designer

    Welcome, i search team, i pay for dedicated server and other costs, all in team will got some % with items in shop. I prefer ppls with Poland. Server will be in early access for 6 months. Contact [email protected] gg. 44594667
  8. tim26

    Windows Mods where?

    I got tfs 1.2, where i can put mods.... i don't have this folder... here image my folder https://imgur.com/a/kUwAZ
  9. tim26

    Scripter real map project tibia 10,77

    I'm Hoster, I prepare alone server to run with many events like zombie, firestorm math rune and others. Whats need more? Many raid and events its this what ppls searching. Normal pvp then without any restricts then all chave chance. I search scripter with many ideas of new feautures. Prefer...
  10. tim26

    Windows Gesior acc fetch all function

    I work on acc 2012 for ots 1.2 tfs and all scripts with list on website forum don't work, also i got the same error Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on boolean in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\auctions.php on line 13
  11. tim26

    Windows Tibia 10.90 need

    I need tibia 10.90 to remeres map editor and can't find.....
  12. tim26

    Windows tfs 1.2 and znote acc problem

    i have a 2 problems... first no houses in house list on znote acc, ofcourse server path is correct... 2 problem like on image decrease size of the map or compile x64 i can't compile because i got 32 bit strukture and i compile with x32 when i try compile on x64 i get error in protocol.cpp whats...
  13. tim26

    Solved tfs 1.0 create item....

    Something was change? on new tibia?-.- i try /i 2268 or /i 2268 20 and nothing
  14. tim26

    Windows Running server cant connect sql

    I have retired for otservs like 4 years i dont know but on new servers tfs 1.0 i can't run surver i got that config (dont change because passwords is default i dont change them. and screen down: http://postimg.org/image/ce5p4k4f7/
  15. tim26

    New server peoples want play.? 7.... or 10+ client?

    We try making good server, i got 2 years retired and now we making server with real map. I know ppls play on servers 24/7 this server in first play dont must be unique. 1 rules 24/7 good dedicated server without lags to play... but how client now is prefered?
  16. tim26

    Windows How manz ppls can enter on that spcification

    This computer http://allegro.pl/komputer-do-firmy-dual-3-2ghz-80-dvd-cdrw-xppro-i3893731118.html BUT RAM will be 4 gb.... Internet connection 200/200 mbp/s AH i forgot rl map, ofecourse tfs sql, system windows server 2000
  17. tim26

    Linux dedicated server

    Hello can someone give site to cheepest server in germany or staed in country where whole world no will be lags my minimum is only 4 gb ram minimum. And one question if i start server on xampp with my sql i must pay extra for sql server 2010 or other or i dont must buy sql service, only use...
  18. tim26

    [Germany] Almeria 8.6

    This what got the server stages exp 1-50:x250 50-100:x150 100-130:x70 130-150:x50 150-170:x30 170-190:x15 190-200:x10 200-250:x5 250 +:x2 Skills:x30 Magic Level:x10 Loot:x3 Domki:100 lvl+ Protection level:100 lvl+ PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 8 minut Mapa: 99% RL...
  19. tim26

    Hoster Hoster only customs

    I want host custom server and i want take payments as sms shop parameters 3x 3.1 Quad 2gb ram speedtest down http://www.speedtest.net/result/1083815222.png
  20. tim26

    problem with cript

    it is a script with cath pokemon function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if item.itemid == ID_GREATBALL then chances = (chance[monster]) * 2 elseif item.itemid == ID_SUPERBALL then chances = (chance[monster]) * 3 elseif item.itemid == ID_ULTRABALL then chances =...