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  1. customtibia

    [UK][7.4+ Custom] TibiaScape (NEW SERVER - DEATH) PERMADEATH RULES

    You should do more advertisements the server it all looks really promising
  2. customtibia

    Delvine - Development Thread

    Recommended server with a great Developers
  3. customtibia

    Object builder error on loadup

    you should try a newer or older version might help not sure.
  4. customtibia

    Object builder error on loadup

    have you tried to use a different object builder?
  5. customtibia

    Hnr Mapping Showoff

    Picture 6 so beautiful!
  6. customtibia

    [USA] Fallenheros 8.4 7x

    Bringing this server back will make memories
  7. customtibia

    [7.6] Viduy's Mapping Showoff

    cool pictures Ghoul Dungeons
  8. customtibia

    OVH are messing up?

    i agree i had to send them 14 messages i saw now o_O
  9. customtibia

    OVH are messing up?

    Have you sent them an issue ticket? i had the same feeling & experience with my server and sent them an email and now it looks fine.
  10. customtibia

    Fresh 7.4 Server idea

  11. customtibia

    [REQUEST] Cannabis sprites?

    well if you cant create your own sprites you have to steal them += += += gl
  12. customtibia

    [REQUEST] Cannabis sprites?

    i have not played Medivia for 2 years but i remember they had a Smoke Pipe You had to collect twigs/weed to use the Pipe
  13. customtibia

    Looking for Graphic Designer Icon/Logo Maker

    Searching for someone to make me an icon 32x32 and 64x6 icon & 1200 x 480 banner paid service through bitcoin/etherum price have to be from 45-110 Euro depends on the quality. send me a private message for contact
  14. customtibia

    [REQUEST] Cannabis sprites?

    Medivia have nice cannabis system^^
  15. customtibia

    [France] [8.60] [Empire-War] [15/7/2021 8PM CEST]

    Cool server :cool:
  16. customtibia

    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    lets explain fast OtsList.eu - Open Tibia Server List (OTS) (https://otslist.eu/) they trying to make money as otservlist.org but failed for that reason they have to scam their customers they get.