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  1. Hugo Patriota

    gesior retpagseguro.php

    hello, i'm brazilian so i'm going to use a translator. I installed gesior 2012 and I have a problem with retpagseguro.php, it is housed in ubuntu 16.04, apache2 is returning errors on line 14 and 15 in /var/www/html/custom_scripts/pagsegurolibrary/config/pagsegurolibrary.php, below is the...
  2. Hugo Patriota

    Atk speed on skill fighting

    Hi, I need a change in the source of tfs 1.3 so that the player gains atk speed according to his fist fighting skill. # SORRY Wrong area, Can any administrator move the topic?
  3. Hugo Patriota

    Lua Spells

    I need help in this script, I need the player to stay 5 seconds stopped after 5 seconds it can walk * TFS 1.3 http://pastebin.com/05RAnvFL local config = { manaCost = 1000, timeRemoval = 5 } local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat...
  4. Hugo Patriota

    Lua addEvent erro

    hi guys The script is working perfectly, but the server returns me this error in the console, and I would like to remove it Lua Script Error: [Spell Interface] in callback: data/spells/scripts/pbot/utevo mort.lua:onTargetTile (Unknown scriptfile) LuaScriptInterface::luaAddEvent(). Argument #3...
  5. Hugo Patriota

    Lua action enchanting help

    Hello, I need help to fix this problem and I would like you to explain to me why it happens too. Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/other/enchanting.lua:eek:nUse data/actions/scripts/other/enchanting.lua:119: attempt to call field 'find' (a n il value) stack traceback...
  6. Hugo Patriota

    Compiling Help Version CMake

    Hi guys, I need help in the cmake version I'm new to open tibia and I'm having a hard time compiling my server. https://imgur.com/4AIyq2p