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    This happend to anyone else?

    This makes me agonized, but it's halloween! Damn flies.
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    TFS 0.X Use all stackable itens in action

    function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local pointsCount = getPlayerItemCount(cid, item.itemid) doPlayerRemoveItem(cid, item.itemid, pointsCount) doAccountAddPoints(cid, pointsCount) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "You received...
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    TFS 0.X Use all stackable itens in action

    item.subtype Does not return the amount? I get lost at 0.4
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    TFS 0.X Use all stackable itens in action

    Try doPlayerTakeItem
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    i am looking for rl datapack 10.98 tfs 1.3 / 1.4 most up to date

    Maybe someone in the future will look for the same thing as you, post here where you found it ;)
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    C++ Quiver system source modification attempt

    otservbr-global / canary has a good quiver system, you can search for "WEAPON_QUIVER" in and get the system, similar to the global
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    Compiling Compile Request

    Version? If it's below 1.0, you may not get help. Compiling forgottenserver
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    RevScripts [TFS1.X+] Achievements talkactions script?

    See all functions for achievements
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    NPC Storage checker NPC "Removedemon"

    A simple way is: player:getStorageValue(storage_id) And that's it, I didn't understand what you wanted to do.
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    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    Hey, don't forget us! haha Any map-editor update?
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    otland lagging?

    I don't have any lagg here, Maybe route problem?
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    TFS 1.2 How do you change monster behaviour

    In red it's probably what's on your TFS. The 9 means the range monster can see. Change to value you want or sync with the client viewport.
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    How to select X value from database?

    Do not do this. This will overflow the dispatcher thread with querys. Use at least asyncQuery. @edit This will not be updated if the db updates. Make a global var and an event to check the time and thus update. There are better ways to do this, take it as a draft. local boostExp, boostLoot...
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    TFS 1.2 How do you change monster behaviour

    Para visão de monstro + visão de cliente, veja aqui
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    globalevents problem

    Try this @edit function onThink(creature, interval) local boostExperience = boostCreature[1].exp local boostLoot = boostCreature[1].loot if not boostExperience or not boostLoot then return true end local config = { { position = Position(1007, 994...
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    globalevents problem

    Code? TFS?
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    Lua [Server 0.4] Spell Aura System Version 2.0

    The problem is the slash in the header: <instant name="Aura" words="aura" lvl="50" mana="100" prem="0" blockwalls="1" needlearn="0" event="script" value="aura_spell.lua"/> <vocation id="1"/> <vocation id="2"/> <vocation id="3"/> <vocation id="4"/> <vocation id="5"/>...