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  1. kamilcioo

    [Poland] [12.64] Solteria | Custom Map | Low Rate | 18th June 18:00 CET

    Solteria.eu - one of the most advanced RPG server based on normal Tibia (no otclient - just clean Tibia) is going to launch 18th June 2021 at 18:00 (CET)! We were disappointed countless times with current state of RPG custom map servers for newer version of Tibia. We spent a lot of time on...
  2. kamilcioo

    Solteria - Development Thread

    Basic informations Greetings! We were disappointed countless times with current state of RPG custom map servers for newer versions of Tibia. We spent a lot of time on realizing our plans and likes from some other servers aswell as from other RPG games to make a server from players to players...
  3. kamilcioo

    [Web] Java+js web

    Recently, I started working on the tibia website with Java + js. So far only basics are done. The website will scale good on phones. The Wiki is generated from server files. It reads all attributes, including lvl, wand damages from weapons and movements folder (reads requirments from rev script...
  4. kamilcioo


    Out of curiosity. How many tabulators do you usually use for indents while programming? What's your tabulator length? Personally, I use 1 tab (length = 2) * n (n - depth)
  5. kamilcioo

    [Poland] [12.4][Soltera] - [Alpha-Tests]

    I would like to invite everyone to alpha-test of Soltera. [Account creation / website] Normal basic website for fast character creation http://Solteria.eu/?account/create [Client] 12.4 You can download it from the website. It includes surface map with basics spawns. Keep in mind the surface is...
  6. kamilcioo

    NPC looktype randomizer

    --------------------------- Program will randomize npc's looktype, colors and addons. --------------------------- I wrote this program after I made 40 npc with same looktype and colors on my server. You only need to specify the path to the folder (and edit looktype list if you are using other...
  7. kamilcioo

    Action [TFS 1.X] Simple yet usefull chest system

    The system is configurable, you can add some option or just one: local config = { [31925] = { storage = 31925, storageValue = 1, storageMessage = 'You have gained the access to one of the doors', }, [31926] = { backpackId = 1993, itemsInside =...
  8. kamilcioo

    [12.4] Solteria - RPG server - discussion thread

    Hello, I would like to present new 12.30 server I'm currently developing. Few videos of bosses: Few notes: all bosses will have ~20h cd could be done by max 1/2/3/4/etc players many tasks many chests/hidden chests/books/etc on spawn to find few mysteries so far (will be more) world...
  9. kamilcioo

    Screens from 2000y Tibia

    Maybe the screenshoots will interest someone. https://imgur.com/a/OopQn . Note that the screens aren't mine.
  10. kamilcioo


    Hello, I started to learn C language recently. The main problem is that I can't find a good book to learn from. Do you guys know any good books about programming in C?
  11. kamilcioo

    Deal more damage with own runes

    Summer update notes from tibia.com: What do you guys think about it? I'd say "Finally".
  12. kamilcioo

    Kamil's mapping thread

    Hello. My name is Kamil. It will be my mapping thread. Feel free to comment and criticise me as I'm new into creating maps and I want to improve. Map editor: Some screens from in-game:
  13. kamilcioo

    Tibia settings

    Hey, how to not lose tibia settings while switching different versions?
  14. kamilcioo

    [France] Soltera 10.41 | Custom map |

    Server starts at 17 CEST!! Server Informations: * Stable 1.0 TFS server, there was 0 crashes during testing. I started making this server with a fresh engine. * Custom map with teleports (some spawns are own/some from otland) * Experience rate (stages): 1-50 x150 51-75 x110 76-100 x75 101-150...
  15. kamilcioo

    [Task] Monster counter

    Hey, I need some help. My script only counts 1 person who attacks the monster and I wanna make it that it counts kill for everyone who attacked the monster. local config = { ['cockroach'] = {amount = 20, storage = 20001, startstorage = 20000, startvalue = 1} } function onKill(cid...
  16. kamilcioo

    Unnamed project

    Exp: waiting for ideas Skills & magic level: waiting for ideas loot: waiting for ideas My project has just 2 days, worked about 20 hours on everything. Map is custom with teleports (some resps from rl, some own, some from otland). Feel free to give me ideas :D. Client 10.41.
  17. kamilcioo

    Gaming [Iridia] Life Thread - Toshinki

    This thread will be about my elite knight or Irilia real map ots. Come and try guys, it's nice http://iridia.zapto.org My eq: Level ups: Making hydra task:
  18. kamilcioo

    Gaming [Thanatos] Life Thread - Toshinki

    This thread will be about my character - Toshinki. I will post more screenshoots later. Current stats:
  19. kamilcioo

    What server do you want to play

    I'm going to study ICT after holiday. With plenty of free time I'm able to make custom server but I need some advices what would you like to see. Here are my thoughts: 1. Low exp custom server with storyline, team fights, team quests and mysteries. 2. High exp custom server with storyline...
  20. kamilcioo


    I need a script which will give items depend on which stone is used. For example I use pick on 8633 and get 18418 but if I use on 8635 I get 18420. Tfs 4.0