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  1. Lopaskurwa

    Lua [TFS 1.2] Looking for wanted talkaction with myacc page

    TFS 1.2 This system is to wanted someone can make make a price for his dead. Command: !wanted nick, price Example: !wanted otland, 10000 If you make a price 10 for someone and other player will make a price 15 for the same person then his price will be 25. And table like Rank Name Level...
  2. Lopaskurwa

    Error misleading indentation in Linux

    TFS 1.2 Compiles fine on windows but on linux it gives this error, any ideas? void ProtocolGame::sendMagicEffect(const Position& pos, uint16_t type) { if (!canSee(pos)) { return; } if(otclientV8 && type == CONST_ME_RESPAWNORMALCLIENT) type = CONST_ME_RESPAWN...
  3. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.2 Monster spawn and effect

    Hello does anyone know how some people make that monsters spawn even when player is on screen, and how do they put effect before that monster spawn
  4. Lopaskurwa

    Lua TFS 1.2 Looking for TalkAction like twitch predication system

    Hello, so i was looking some twitch and i got an idea which is gamble/prediction system based on talkaction, which works like this. /prediction next bonus is 100k?, yes, idontknow, 2 (prediction text, keyword1, keywword2, timer) so it would send braodcast message that would look like this now...
  5. Lopaskurwa

    OtclientV8 How to reveal all map

    Is there any tutorial how to reveal entire map instead of being black?
  6. Lopaskurwa

    RME how to replace all items from different otbm file

    Is it possible to replace all lets say "Magic pads" with same pads but from different OTBM file? So all properties would applie from that OTBM file because i lost all teleports and i have them on my old map so i need to restore destinations because on new map they all disappeared
  7. Lopaskurwa

    OTCV8 auto updater doesnt detect changed files

    So i have updater setup but for some reason it checks for updates but it never detects them even tho i changed spr dat files so it should update the client but it doesnt download anything Ignore domain name cuz i wanna hide it so will use random name, but keep it in mind originally im using...
  8. Lopaskurwa

    [TFS 1.2][LINUX][PROTOCOLLOGIN] Variable set but not used error

    Hello, so really weird shit, i compiled source without any errors, everything is clean so i decide to implement those src changes into linux but in linux it started giving error that variable is set but not used, which is weird because on windows such error doesnt exist, i guess solution would...
  9. Lopaskurwa

    How to remove borders from Otclient

    How can i make from this. Red color shows what im trying to remove USING - OTCv8/otclientv8 (https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8) And i want to make it look something like. A bit cleaner look
  10. Lopaskurwa

    Lua TFS 1.2 How to add multiple items/extra feature and level requirement in this chest script

    Hello how can i add multiple items in this code and extra feature which i have in my functions.lua which is addExtraHealth = Howmuchyouwanttoadd addExtraMana = Howmuchyouwanttoadd, And need level requirement Not sure whats the right structure for it maybe something should look...
  11. Lopaskurwa

    Lua Is it possible to add storage on Trader npc?

    Is it possible to add a storage check for a trader? Lets say if you he doesnt have storage 6541 npc would say "You have to finish blablabla" so trade wont open and if he have that storage it would allow to type trade. And whats the max amount money you can ask from player is it 999gold or...
  12. Lopaskurwa

    MyACC how to put image on character samples

    Hello how to put image on "Character Creation" when you creating character lets say Knights Sample this knight sample would have Knight image and says Knight below. Example . Because now its just a like this Knight Mage Archer Balabla Balablasd and etc which is boring. Code...
  13. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.2 is Position(x, y, z) default tfs feature?

    Yo got an question what i noticed people use Position(x, y, z) and they dont add any script to a code so probably because its a stock feature in TFS right? So i tried using it on my local config but that shit didnt worked :D maybe information i have is false i guess because i mean...
  14. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.2 onDeath reward after killing monster

    Hello, i found this script in otland trying to figure it out why nothing happens. How i understand this code should work like this if you deal 50% damage to this monster you will get reward so lets say i do 51(gets reward) and other player 49(doesnt get reward). So code looks like this. Though...
  15. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.2 attempt to compare boolean with number (anihilator)

    Hello, so im trying to edit lever so it would require item to be teleported but getting error. Its in this line if getPlayerItemCount(cid, 2160) < 5 then return player:sendCancelMessage("You do not have 5 crystals.") end
  16. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.X+ Give player premium points [OFFLINE]

    So im getting this error attempt to call global 'getPlayerByNameWildcard' (a nil vlaue) i guess there is no such function in tfs 1.2? function onSay(cid, words, param) local t = param:splitTrimmed(",") if param == '' then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid...
  17. Lopaskurwa

    TFS 1.2 Kill monster get 1 soul

    How can i activate when you kill 1 monster you get 1 soul?
  18. Lopaskurwa

    Lua [TFS 1.2]If on X tile can go trough player

    So yea looking for script that allows people go trough each other if they are on tile X
  19. Lopaskurwa

    Lua Learn spells from chest

    TFS 1.2 Hello, have a 3 spells and i would like to make them as a reward in chest when you click on it but you can choose only one spell from 3 chests. So basically you can learn only one spell. Btw probably i would need to edit my spells too isnt it so it wont allow to use it until you didnt...
  20. Lopaskurwa

    MyACC cant show more then 1 message in news

    Close this thread it was my mistake didnt saw you can add news if you are in News page. You just cant do it trough admin panel