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  1. Dura Aris

    Dura's Ankrahmun: Revising game design. Content that is 50% vanilla and 50% custom. What went wrong at the breakmark of Tibia and what was still right

    Hey everyone, Wanted to bring up the installment that was Ankrahmun. As many of us know it was the transitional mark for many things that led to the deterioration of the game Tibia. It would set the groundwork on how the game was designed going forward on many points, near all of which were...
  2. Dura Aris

    [USA] [7.4] Dura - A Harder Tibia | Massively Customized | New Meta | Long Term | Regular Updates | Never Reset | For Skilled Players

    Dura, whose original vision started as Making a Game that was Hard again so it would be fun again, has spent the last year -- after reaching that goal -- creating fundamentally new Systems. Not just content, but structural Systems of Design that will lay the foundation for Great Gameplay that is...