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  1. Shadowsong

    🐲 OTC StoneDrake UI by Shiva - [Free Release]

    Hello, I'd like to preface this release, courtesy of a friend known here as @Verticos, with a bit of an origin story, so that you know what you're getting and why. A while ago, I created a GUI for a customer by the name of Tinkz who paid a portion of the price upfront, and maintained a...
  2. Shadowsong

    Suggestion About art sections being moved to multimedia

    Hey guys, what's with the small art section being moved to Multimedia? Now even less people are going to see spriters and their work which is already scarce around here. It may be my biased opinion, being a part of that group as well, but am I wrong in saying we should pronounce the existence of...
  3. Shadowsong

    Pixel Art Challenge 2 (Series #2) - A Game Board

    <-- Previous | CHALLENGE 2 | Next --> The first challenge has been concluded and it's time for another one! Hopefully, this time there will be more entries. The topic is interesting. If you go to the Hall of Winners, you can see all the details about previous winners, challenges and winning...
  4. Shadowsong

    Pixel Art Challenge 1 (Series #2) - Elemental Spell Icons [VOTING]

    Hello again! Yesterday, the Pixel Art Challenge 1 (Series #2) - Elemental Spell Icons has been concluded and I present to you the 5 entries submitted by the artists. You may review them and vote for your favorite set in the poll above. The voting ends on 18th June 2016 and a new challenge...
  5. Shadowsong

    Pixel Art Challenge 1 (Series #2) - Elemental Spell Icons

    Intro Hey everyone! As you know, last year, Anevis held 18 sprite challenges which were pretty fun and had some crazy innovative sprites posted in them, however, due to him being busy and a slight decline in activity on this board section, he stopped hosting them. I'm here to revive the...
  6. Shadowsong

    Spell Multi-Shot (For Monsters)

    Hey guys. Felt like making a small contribution, so here's a spell for monsters that I just made. Tested and Working on: TFS 0.3.6 Spell Description Allows a monster to fire multiple projectiles at multiple targets in a single attack. The monster will always fire at least 1 shot, at its...
  7. Shadowsong

    [Germany] [Custom] Necronia ❂ Open-Beta Now

    Welcome to the world of Necronia! Whether you are hearing about it for the first time, or are a long-time fan, this thread is here to prepare you for the greatest OT adventure of your life. Select your language and start learning about Necronia: (Swedish and Brazilian translations are...
  8. Shadowsong

    Pixel Realm | Platform for the artists of the OT community

    I wasn't sure what the best place to post this would be, but I suppose it best fits into the Small-Art section because it's entirely related to that. So, welcome... to the About Pixel Realm is a freshly put-together website that will put artists from the OT community into spotlight, allow...
  9. Shadowsong

    Action Poisondrop Amulet

    For all the RPG developers out there, I bring you a nice little amulet to add to that RPG touch. Poisondrop Amulet For: TFS 0.3.6 What does it do? It has 100 charges, protecting you from up to 15% earth/poison damage you receive. The fun part is its [Remove Poison] effect, that you can...
  10. Shadowsong

    Spell Make Monsters Use Health Potions

    Hello, here is a simple & handy script I wrote for Necronia that I feel like sharing. For: TFS 0.3.6 What does it do? It lets you virtually add HP potions to a monster, and you can make the monster use them when it is on low HP. Once they run out of HP potions, they can no longer use them. You...
  11. Shadowsong

    Social Network For Gamers

    So... a new social network for gamers just opened up and it seems promising, I signed up yesterday so I figured I'd spread the word and get more bros in. Player.me You can use the link below to create an account: https://player.me/?invite=shivashadowsong Has a very simple and easy to use...
  12. Shadowsong

    Anyone From Sweden?

    I'm looking to make a 14 day trip with my girlfriend to Sweden during summer, not sure of the exact the date yet, but it will be either in July or August, so I'm wondering if there is anyone from there who would be willing to hang out with us for a few days and show us around their hometown...
  13. Shadowsong

    Hall of Winners

    In this thread, you can find a list of all people who participated in the spriting challenges, as well as their medals and a list of all challenge threads. Series 1 - Completed 18 Challenges (Host: @Anevis) Click here to read the details. Series 2 - In Progress 20 Challenges (Host...
  14. Shadowsong

    [Ethraeum Online] | Adventure server | Searching for Testers

    EDIT: SCREW APPLICATIONS, ANYONE CAN JOIN, READ BELOW! Website: ethraeum.no-ip.org (You can find download links for client and IP changer on our website, and you can go to our report page there to report bugs) IP: ethraeum.no-ip.org Client: 10.31 Port: 7171 ~ PROJECT CURRENTLY ON HOLD...
  15. Shadowsong

    Necronia - Discussion

    This thread has been discontinued. You may still browse it for past posts including images, news reports, and various comments people have made, but if you plan on posting anything new, we'd prefer you do it on the new thread. If you want to learn more about Necronia, we've prepared everything...
  16. Shadowsong

    Video Tutorials

    Hey guys! As you know, I often make sprites and I figured - it wouldn't hurt if I recorded some easy work and posted it here to help you get an idea of how some things are made. As a first tutorial in these series, I decided to record something easy - making a wall, a wooden wall. Before you...
  17. Shadowsong

    Top Lel Thread

  18. Shadowsong

    Shiva Shadowsong Thread

    In here, I usually post my latest and favorite works. It's a very old thread, so some of the graphics you can find in the first few pages are not something I'm too proud of, but it's good to have a legacy to see how you've improved over time. The most recent posts are found on the latest 2-3...
  19. Shadowsong

    Mapper Necronia NW - Custom LowXP RPG in need of a mapper

    We are no longer in need of a mapper. To apply for some other position at Necronia Team, please visit here.
  20. Shadowsong

    How to use Adobe PS for spriting + Rock Tutorial

    Using Adobe PS for spriting - Tutorial (for total photoshop scrubs) Hello and welcome to another one of my tutorials. (If you don't have Photoshop, and you want to get it, keep reading) ۞ Prologue ۞ Spoiler alert - This tutorial is long and detailed as fok. (I spoiled it for ya ,_,) The...