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  1. Itutorial

    Graphic Designer Item graphics 80x80px

    I am looking for someone who can create graphics for item images. They do not have to be sprites. The images can be created however you are best suited. PM me here for more information.
  2. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ Reading/Saving items blob data in lua

    Is this even possible? I just need to read one item at a time and not constant so its fine if its slow. How would I go about this? I need to pull the blob data from the database, turn it into usable information. EX: A backpack with a bunch of items in it could be loaded from it. I also need to...
  3. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ NPC system tfs 1.4 doNpcTalkAlot

    So this cannot be used in a greetcallback function. It has to be used in only the creatureSayCallback is there a way to fix that? I will look at it later but I am working now. Hoping someone has a quick solution. Thanks. Doesn't work. local function greetCallback(cid)...
  4. Itutorial

    Team Team for OTCV8 UI

    I am looking for two people. 1) Someone that can create and modify Otcv8 modules, fonts, ect. 2) Someone to create the designs of buttons, backgrounds, inventory, ect. Both people will need to work together to make sure everything fits and looks good inside the client. It is your choice as to...
  5. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.4 spells question

    Is it possible to get the spell words in the xml file from the lua file of the spell? .xml words = "exori" .lua function onCastSpell(c, v) if spellWords = "exori" then .... end end [code]
  6. Itutorial

    Map needs to be upgraded.

    [Fatal - Map::loadMap] This map need to be upgraded by using the latest map editor version to be able to load correctly. > ERROR: Failed to load map I obviously tried saving, importing and saving, upgrading to different versions and downgrading again all in the newest map editor. It still wont...
  7. Itutorial

    TalkAction RevScript Banking

    TFS 1.3+ !balance, !deposit, !withdraw, !transfer local banking = TalkAction("!balance","!deposit","!withdraw","!transfer") function banking.onSay(player, words, param) if (words == "!balance") then player:popupFYI("[Balance]: "..player:getBankBalance()) return false...
  8. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 onSay param broken...

    So I am making a banking code and I can't seem to use param at all... function onSay(player, words, param) if words == "!balance" then player:popupFYI("[Balance]: "..player:getBankBalance()) return false elseif words == "!deposit" then if not param then...
  9. Itutorial

    C++ Updated RME ground.xml, borders.xml, ect.

    Does anyone know if there is a better RME items set up?
  10. Itutorial

    Solved Xfinity shit show

    TFS 1.3 10.98 in config.lua I have my public ipv4 address. (whatismyip.com) People can connect to the server outside the network. I cannot connect with any IP (public ipv4,,, 10.0.01) The router has another ipv4 IP that is gives to my pc from the router which is...
  11. Itutorial

    Team LegendEyE Development Team

    x = filled positions [x] Mapper [] Spriter [x] Server Side Code [] Otclient Looking for a team of people to help with the development of LegendEyE. The goal is to create a decent base for the game. The sprites will mostly be item sprites nothing too major. The map will just be a base map. I do...
  12. Itutorial

    TFS storage table

    I think we should work on setting up different tables for different storage values. For example: Exhaust storage could be its own table. Quest storage in its own table, ect. This would allow multiple of the same storage values to be used in different context and keep tables smaller increasing...
  13. Itutorial

    Compiling Nostalrius .exe Lua Api error

    Compiled with windows vs 2019 toolset v141. Vcpkg method.
  14. Itutorial

    Creating a pull request on github

    I can't figure it out. Anyone able to make a tutorial or explain it here? I have some fixes I want to introduce to TFS but I just cannot figure it out. If someone has the time this is a fix for the sightline code by @zbizu //get a line between two points //based on Xiaolin Wu algorithm...
  15. Itutorial

    My OTC project

    I am going to work on OTC. Anyone that can help me by listing known client bugs, and missing features, ect. would be great. I am not working on UI or anything similar to that. Strictly improvements on how the client works (player side) and code that causes bad performance or bugs in the client...
  16. Itutorial


    If anyone is interested in some cheap online coding courses they are doing a sale right now most courses up to 80% off.
  17. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ transform item on position transforms top item

    For some reason I tell the code which item on the tile should be transformed but it still targets the top item on the tile. Is there something I am forgetting? local trees = { [2768] = {chance = 5, level = 0, logs = 2148, respawn = 5, skillTries = 25}, [5376] = {chance = 5, level = 0...
  18. Itutorial

    GlobalEvent TFS 1.3 Monster Wave Event

    This is a monster wave event. Any amount of players can enter. Here is a list of what it does. 1) Checks to see if player can participate (only has level check) 2) Teleports players to the event area 3) Spawns waves 4) Gives rewards at the end of the wave 5) Event will handle everything itself...
  19. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Cast System

    Hello again everyone. I am working on a cast system for TFS 1.3 and I will keep it updated with TFS. Credits to dj and slavi for the original code. I need help from you guys to help me figure out what needs to be added/changed in the code to make it worthy of being merged with TFS. If you...
  20. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 current unstable release npc problem

    So with a fresh download of TFS 1.3 I get an error in npcs when I talk to them. Lua Script Error: [Npc interface] data/npc/scripts/ulfrik.lua:onThink NpcScriptInterface::luagetDistanceTo(). Thing not found stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getDistanceTo'...