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  1. Svira

    Lua [Solved] - I am looking for a "getPlayerRunesMade" function for tfs 1.2

    Hello, I use the leverage system to buy potions unfortunately in my global.lua there is no function: getPlayerRunesMade This is what the script looks like: local discount = {[1] = {required = 1000, amount = 5}, [2] = {required = 2000, amount = 7}, [3] =...
  2. Svira

    [Poland][Custom / 8.0]Mefedronia 26.11.2021 18:00

    Server Start Date: 26.11 2021r - 18:00! Ip: Mefedronia.pl Client: 8.0 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland + Proxy(Peru) Website: www.mefedronia.pl Map: Custom Global Welcome to the Mefedronia, the world in the...
  3. Svira

    Lua tfs 1.2 unlock spells

    Hello! I'm using this script: Team Battle Question: How too unlock healing spells? ... like exura vita...
  4. Svira

    PHP [znote] bp of items

    Hello, inquiry to the honorable group: Is it possible to add items in the backpack to the online store(znote)? for example we buy 2000cc, will I get bp with 20x100cc?
  5. Svira

    Lua TFS 1.2 Exception "use only on items in the backpack"

    Hello, I have the following script which is responsible for selling items after use: local items = { [XXXx] = 21500, -- [ItemID] = PriceOfItem } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, itemEx, target, toPosition, isHotkey) local tmpItem = items[itemEx.itemid] if not tmpItem...
  6. Svira

    C++ Looking for Monster Level system

    As in the topic I am looking for a monster level system. Some time ago, there was one (Monster Level tfs 1.3) who blessed himself, but the sources are no longer active; / Best for tfs 1.2
  7. Svira

    TFS 1.2 and Events.xml

    Hello, this is the first time I encounter the following problem, namely: The "Monsters" class is not supported in events.xml I'm using tfs 1.2 and never had this problem ... error from console: >> Loading script systems [Warning - Events::load] Unknown class: Monster [Warning - Events::load]...
  8. Svira

    [Poland] [12.0] Lua Global - 03/09/2021!

    Welcome to a unique server with an edited real map for protocol 12.0! We have added many improvements and novelties that will make the game fun for hours! In short: we have created a unique server with you in mind! The proprietary battle-eye ensures that the game is fair and automatically...
  9. Svira

    TFS 0.X SOLUTION "attempt to call field 'getResult' (a nil value)"

    Hello, I decided to come back to the tfs 0.4 fun I was struggling a few days with the error in the topic, saw hundreds of posts from 2010 to 2020 WITHOUT a solution! I decided to add a solution here, maybe I'll have this problem again someday, so it's worth writing it down somewhere! Error...
  10. Svira

    Lua [MOD] tfs 0.4 error attempt to index local (a number value)

    Hello, for a few days I have been trying to make an item to improve the equipment, today I managed to create a correctly loaded mod but I have a bug in the onuse function. Do you have an idea how to correctly write it? my mod: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <mod...
  11. Svira

    Lua Item for mod. Upgrade item with AttackSpeed slot

    Hello, I need a script for an item that will give it a rank and stats from the same script. e.g. we'll use item id 8298 on Dragon lance and we get this result: You see a legendary dragon lance (Atk:47 +25, Def:16). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 60 or higher. It weighs...
  12. Svira

    Linux Problem with starting the engine

    Hello, after starting the engine, the console displays an error four times and stops working. Console: my config.lua: I encounter it for the first time, how to solve the problem?
  13. Svira

    [POLAND][8.6 customized] HRate Global started 26may!

    Page: www.tibia86.eu IP: tibia86.eu Port: 7171 Welcome to the best installment of Tibia 8.6! You will see here an amazing map you feel sentimental about! New Systems to diversify PVP, you need to think carefully about character development! Fast attack, New spells and challenges are just...
  14. Svira

    REME Quest chest out of map?

    Hello, the following problem: The console crashes with duplicate UID, I located this place but it is off the map (out of map). How to remove them?
  15. Svira

    TFS 1.X+ Cloner bug O.O

    The problem is: Engine TFS 1.2 client 8.6 someone is cloning objects, question how? Talkaction quild - off Parcel System - off Samples - Deleted No errors in console, save before crash but no crash.
  16. Svira

    method "isItem" bug

    I have no idea why he returns this error to me ... can you help me? TFS 1.2 Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/stat_slot.lua:onUse data/stats.lua:1244: attempt to call method 'isItem' (a nil value) 1244: local itemEx = { uid = target:isItem() and...
  17. Svira

    TFS 1.X+ bad argument #2 to 'random' (interval is empty)

    Hello, I have the following problem: Lua Script Error: [CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/stats.lua:onHealthChange data/stats.lua:1573: bad argument #2 to 'random' (interval is empty) I paste the script below, maybe you can see the solution. (from 1573) local hp_d =...
  18. Svira

    TFS 1.X+ Console error 'getCreatureLookPosition'

    Hello, I have been struggling with this error for a long time, how to fix it? Lua Script Error: [MoveEvents Interface] data/movements/scripts/tiles.lua:onStepIn data/movements/scripts/tiles.lua:105: attempt to call global 'getCreatureLookPosition' (a nil value) Zimny Menel has logged in. Lua...
  19. Svira

    TFS 1.X+ Working for GOD but not for players

    Hello, I want the script to be for all players, unfortunately, works only for GOD local function doPlayerAddPremiumPoints(cid, count) db.query('UPDATE znote_accounts SET points = points+'.. count ..' WHERE id = ' .. getAccountNumberByPlayerName(getCreatureName(cid))) end function onUse(cid...
  20. Svira

    TFS 1.2 Block exp when kill same IP

    Hello, I need a script that will prevent me from getting exp for killing players with the same ip. TFS 1.2