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  1. Restles

    Lua Is possibile this spell?

    hello, is it possible to make a spell that teleports the user and opponent for a few seconds and then returns them to their positions? Tfs 1.3
  2. Restles

    Lua update script to tfs 1.3

    hello, i need up this to new version, is possible? local profesions = { {vocid=1, newvoc=2, mana=11, looktype=8, backhp=451, backmp=523}, } local value = {} function onThink(cid, interval) for i=1, #profesions do value = profesions[i] if(getPlayerVocation(cid) ==...
  3. Restles

    one question about spr

    Hello, is there such a possibility to convert the spr and dat file from client 8.54 to 10.98?
  4. Restles

    TFS 1.X+ question

    How can I center the graphics in the script?
  5. Restles


    Hello, I have a request, can I be able to keep tracking on tfs 1.1 by someone? I would be very grateful local protection = {} local monster = "Demon" function onEquip (cid, item, slot) if protection[cid] then protection[cid] = nil return true end...
  6. Restles

    TFS 1.X+ Magic effect

    Hello, I have a question, can you edit the maximum number of effects sent to the client on the new protocol?
  7. Restles

    Compiling exe stopped working

    hello, after the last compilation updating source after the changes developers can not turn on the engine, someone tell me whether I'm the only problem? 1.2 ofc debugger showed that the problem lies in the luascript.cpp if (!getArea(L, listArea, rowsArea)) {
  8. Restles


    I have a question, I noticed on nightlies small fix the space in the code. and now, whether or space in the code affect anything? (compilation etc.)
  9. Restles

    Windows 10.41 crash recent amendments

    So, after the last compilation error occurs. Someone something?
  10. Restles

    Windows theforgottenserver.vcxproj

    Hey, when you update the file above I came across a problem compiling Output vc12\theforgottenserver.vcxproj : error : Unable to read the project file "theforgottenserver.vcxproj". vc12\theforgottenserver.vcxproj(1,1): The project file could not be loaded. Data at the root level is invalid...
  11. Restles

    OTC - 'WSASocketA'

    Hi, I have a problem with the compilation OTclient, error list http://pastebin.com/nEJHjGbK Build, http://pastebin.com/ZR1sw33w I'm waiting for some hint, Regards.
  12. Restles

    Solved Stamina - Remove[!]

    Hi, I have a question how to remove the stamina completely from the engine. I looked in several files and watched the code I do not know if there is any transfer of a piece of code to the database. Stamina spoils me very exp stage and I would like her to delete the source code.