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  1. VictorOtInfinit

    Decay with setAttribute.

    I'm trying to create a item that do not have this tag in XML: <attribute key="decayTo" value="number" /> <attribute key="duration" value="number" /> Using: local seed = Game.createItem(6216, 1, toPosition) seed:setAttribute(ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DURATION,600)...
  2. VictorOtInfinit

    getWeight issue.

    Why this getItemWeight(container.uid,1) always return 0? Already tried with ItemType(container.uid):getWeight() and getWeight(1) and this return 0 too. if item:getType():isPickupable() then if toPosition.x == CONTAINER_POSITION then local container =...
  3. VictorOtInfinit

    Tables and metatables.

    I saw this: TalkAction - TFS 1.0 and up Get Metamethods - Easy to update (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-0-and-up-get-metamethods-easy-to-update.228407/) and i was thinking if we have a list of attributes inside the tables like uid or others things like example.uid, example.size...
  4. VictorOtInfinit

    House chest disappear on SS.

    Hello, i have one problem. All chests that have 10.000oz + that are inside houses are gone when SS. Any clue how to solve that?
  5. VictorOtInfinit

    Condition rooted

    I'm trying to get this new contiditon: rooted from this commit: Rooted Condition (#2376) · opentibiabr/[email protected] (https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/commit/6fbcef420316fb4d73e668630636925c5008c495) Its almost 100%, the message "You are rooted" is appearing and the icon...
  6. VictorOtInfinit

    how to get player CID?

    I have: Name and Id, how do i get the CID from this? I need to construct a player with local newPlayer = Player() but i dont have CID to do that :/ and just ID or name dosn't work :/
  7. VictorOtInfinit

    Problem with Neoncube

    I've done everything ok but when i try to download the new patch only appear this error: test.rar is not a valid RAR archive. After the download is done :/ I already tested everything, no matter what i put inside the .rar archive, if is an .spr or .dat, even a exe or everything before togheter...
  8. VictorOtInfinit

    Monster.xml and Monster.lua

    Where i can find a tutorial to make this change: Monsters.xml to Monsters.lua all my monsters are in xml type, i want to make them a lua type. I have found: monster xml to lua converter · EvilHero90/[email protected]
  9. VictorOtInfinit

    [Warning] DropLoot issue.

    Sometimes this appears in my console, any clue to solve that? I guess this ins't normal, some of my players already told me that some daily bosses ins't dropping nothing (reward chest).
  10. VictorOtInfinit

    How to mask TFS?

    Today my host service told me that they dont support online games in their plataform, so i have some days left and i still wanting to put my server online. Then, i want to know ways to mask the TFS or something to put my server online again xD
  11. VictorOtInfinit

    There is any way to generate Items.xml?

    I read this TwistedScorpio/OTHire (https://github.com/TwistedScorpio/OTHire/wiki/Adding-new-items) but, just seems like a manual thing. There is any way to make that like OTB? That generates itself with some tool? I have a 10.00 item.xml but a 12.60 client, and i want to put every item on that...
  12. VictorOtInfinit

    How to buff/nerf Imbuiments?

    I didin't find where i can buff/nerf the my imbuiment system. I need to do some changes but in imbuiments.lua on my lib/core dont have any numbers or things like this to modify.
  13. VictorOtInfinit

    BP bugged after compiled in linux

    After i compiled TFS in linux all my backpacks are sayin: you cannot adress this object here. If i open my server in windows then all is fine '-' Any clue why is that? I already double checked the slotType = "backpack" Funny fact: My custom backpack is working fine, but just her '-' And all...
  14. VictorOtInfinit

    server replied: Service temporarily unavailable

    I'm getting this error when i try to login in my server: Any clue why? 1613152396 [SOLVED] Turned off the DDoS proctection by cloudflare.
  15. VictorOtInfinit

    Custom client with VPS.

    I have VPS that have 25 caractere domain, when i was testing my server i used the client 10 with (9 caractere's), but when i change for my domain (and remove some null's) the client dosn't connect (he still alive, and opening) :/ In my config.lua (inside the VPS) = ip...
  16. VictorOtInfinit

    VPS Memory ram question

    My question is: I have a Real Map (global) With 8 GB Memory Ram how many people my server can hold? And with 16 GB and 32 GB? One server with 600 players with a Real Map, wich one is the best choice? monkaHmm
  17. VictorOtInfinit

    Ingame Store History

    Hello, how can i put this history to my Ingame Store? I had this one before but i did something that i dont know and now is looking like this: How can i go back and have the first image history? Pls helppp
  18. VictorOtInfinit

    DB in one host and server in another.

    Its possible to have a Database in one host (godaddy) and server in another (Amazon VPS)? If yes, how can i do that? In godaddy i let one config.lua with the info to open the site, and its working, but when i try to open the server here (local) and acess the database (godaddy) the distro didint...
  19. VictorOtInfinit

    How to up my site to cPanel?

    I'm using cPanel that i bought in godaddy, but i dont know how i put the site (the www file) in the cPanel :( I'm using uniserverZ to put a localhost website but i want to release my own website so, how i do that? [SOLVED]
  20. VictorOtInfinit

    Help with client 11.

    I need to do my own 11 Client but no one of this tutorials worked for me: Custom Client [8.6 - 10.XX] (https://otland.net/threads/custom-client-8-6-10-xx.212219/) [Tutorial] Setting up an Tibia 10 client (https://otland.net/threads/tutorial-setting-up-an-tibia-10-client.268843/) I'm using...