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  1. Night Wolf

    Suggestion Clarify and follow rules

    This is going to sound super stupid but this isn't the first time posts/threads of mine are deleted arbitrarily, sometimes I even received warns even being compliant with otland rules. I've created a chat message a while ago with @Don Daniello, @Kaspar and @WibbenZ to share this frustration but...
  2. Night Wolf

    Complaint Bad limit of text

    I'm trying to write a tutorial for over 3 hours just because it constantly says I'm reaching 25k Limit. Even trying to separate it on posts the automerge triggers the limit and doesn't allow. Also, can we please include a counter of characters? It can also change to red once the limit is reached.
  3. Night Wolf

    Sharing knowledge on Lua possibilities

    Dear all, I'm going to post a few systems/changes that I've done for my former project, Empire Server, that we didn't utilized or are improved versions of past systems I have done. I'm not going to go too much in detail as the goal is to serve as study material, especially considering some of...
  4. Night Wolf

    OpenTibia Weapon Sprites Generator (GAN)

    Dear otland, As some of you were following in my initial thread Swords Artificially Generated (GANs), the future is here! Today I come to share a technology that was recently released, we are talking about articles that were published less than 2 months ago!! I have put up this colab notbook...
  5. Night Wolf

    OTC 1.0 Comparison

    Dear all, As many of you already know, @Mehah is working actively in a improved version of Otclient. It's safe to say that he literally resurrected it after a long hiatus of actually useful contributions. You can check his original topic here: OTClient 1.0...
  6. Night Wolf

    Swords artificially generated (GAN)

    Dear all, I would like to showoff a glimpse of what will be the future of pixel art: All the swords above were drawn from a generative adversarial network (GAN) called StyleGAN2 that was recently released by NVIDIA (article, github). I've basically extracted some of the tibia sprites and...
  7. Night Wolf

    Feature Spoof system

    Dear all, I've seen several servers using spoof systems throughout those years and it made the otservlist react to it making it better and better within time. We still have lots of tutorials out there, specially for older versions, that can be easily converted to newer TFS. Despite being very...
  8. Night Wolf

    Do not use/buy OTC V8

    As my comment on OTClientV8 (https://otland.net/threads/otclientv8.266603/) of @kondra was deleted due off-topic I'm creating this new thread in order to raise awareness on the matter that I have discussed there. Before you go through all this text, first a food for thought: How bad your...
  9. Night Wolf

    Programmer Looking for C++ programmer for team

    Hello Dear reader, My name is Anderson and even though no one in this forum know me I believe I can say I've been one of the greatest contributors in script content for Tibia, mostly because I've been sharing systems ever since we used .txt databases in our servers but never cared for credits...
  10. Night Wolf

    TFS 1.X+ Problems with invisibility spell

    Hi all, I've been trying to do a spell that makes your character invisible to monsters and players as well. So far I've been struggling with the following problems: My first approach was to set the player outfit for an invisible item 1- If you add CONDITION_INVISIBLE with CONDITION_OUTFIT the...
  11. Night Wolf

    Open Tibia Technologies and Tools

    Hello all, I've started this discussion to know which different technologies and tools people are using in their servers around the world. I'll keep this thread updated with whatever you guys comment so we all will learn about new things to use in our projects throughout life. Since open tibia...
  12. Night Wolf

    Suggestion Changing name

    Hello, I would like to suggest allowing to change name because I have this account since I was a kid and I would like to keep this account but changing this silly name. I haven't find any way to do so and I'm not sure where I could request it, so I'm opening a feedback to insert this option...