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    TFS 0.X TFS 0.4 remove full health and mana on level up

    How do I remove full health and mana on level up system? tfs 0.4 Note: I do not have any advance script for it in creatures folder
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    OTX CRASH 0.3.7

    'TheOTXServer.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\xampp\htdocs\Server\TheOTXServer.exe'. Cannot find or open the PDB file. 'TheOTXServer.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\Windows\System32\ntdll.dll'. Symbols loaded. 'TheOTXServer.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\Windows\System32\kernel32.dll'. Symbols loaded...
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    cross the attack from inside

    I want to cross the attacks from the outside only, not from the inside example for my problem :- example for my idea i want to doing :- this all I need to cross the attacks from the outside only, not from the inside - someone help me
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    my server is ban everyonce why?

    First ip : vera-ots.sytes.net / ban becasue : This server is currently banned! Reason: Spoofing data info (Wiki-Ot) after this ban i change all information to new email + domain - second ip ban : real-babek.sytes.net /This server is currently banned! Reason: Spoofing data info (No website) i...
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    attack Crosses the magic wall side of the two sides

    i only want attack pass from the magic wall outside side how to fix it ? Version : OTX
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    Zombie event interval error

    when event starting the globalevent interval Too much is decided how to fix this error? Mods zombie_days = { ["Saturday"] = {"18:00","00:00"}, ["Sunday"] = {"18:00","00:00"}, ["Monday"] = {"18:00","00:00"}, ["Tuesday"] = {"18:00","00:00"}, ["Wednesday"] = {"18:00","00:00"}...
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    Monsters disappearing

    monsters disappearing automatic when i make hunt and after it tibia get bugs ;/ how to fix this problem ? Version : OTX
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    [ERROR] Grizzly Adams task

    when i say hi and task to Grizzly Adams :: he say :: Grizzly Adams: I don't have any task for you right now. i use script from (( NPC - Grizzly Adams (Killing in the name of... Quest) All tasks, more real-tibia...
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    Error boss reward

    I need kill boss and get loot in my bag I use this script but ddint work local config = { ["Royal King "] = { loot = {{302,100,1},{2157,20,10},{8900,5,1},{5958,10,1},{2471,12,1},{6132,18,1}}, message = "Congratulations for defeating [Boss] Curselich, Your reward is now in...
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    Formula damage error

    This is my third post for formula and problem still not fixed .. need someone help me to fix it .. my problem is : damage formula is error in spells and in weapons too like i write this damage in weapons setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC, 0, -14500000, 0, -15500000) and after...
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    Damage weapons error

    Damage does not hit properly in spells , weapons How to fix this problem .?
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    formula bug

    Formula bugs! when add this damage in wand setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC, 0, -9000, 0, -11500) and start server for test wand attack ( 200-900 ) -- dont give the damage i add in weapons combat.cpp max = (int32_t)((player->getLevel() * 2 + player->getMagicLevel() * 3) * 1. *...
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    Death problem

    when add lessloss"" in vocation player are losing all exp example "You were downgraded from level 112 to level 1." + when die dont lose equipment how to solve it ! Version : OTX 1
  14. 3688599

    Dead Message Request

    Error when player dead. should message is supposed to come after death sendTextMessage(MSG_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You are dead.");
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    C++ / Login position ..

    -when logout in anyposition .. character save this position and when die . back to the logout position how to solve it .. -should be back to townid when dead . .not to logout position
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    C++ Outfit bug

    when i set outfit by normal tibia version give bug ! . i need remove this outfit from source 1621988121
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    Speed Attack

    How i make speed attack faster like evolution.. uint32_t Player::getAttackSpeed() { Item* tool = getWeapon(); const Weapon* weapon = g_weapons->getWeapon(tool); int hit = vocation->getAttackSpeed(); if(!tool || !weapon){ int32_t result = hit...
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    C++ Players.xml

    XML File players.xml how to remove it from source ?
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    C++ Add skull monster/npc

    how to add skull on monster/npc evolution source anyhelp?
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    C++ quest.cpp

    i add quest.cpp in source and everything is work fine but i got this problem -- when i remove this code ::: player->getStorageValue(storageID, value); its work fine .. need fix this code