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  1. uchiha1sasukee

    [Smexy Member] Super Panda Is Back!

    Hi Otlanders,, I just want to see that I'm really happy to see @Bogart A.K.A Panda in action. This person was a great part in Otland he used to be a respected Moderator and still is respected by Otland members. I had a lot of fun with him from playing servers and making servers. Although he was...
  2. uchiha1sasukee

    Where to Hunt?

    I bought an account,, I got a EK Level 387, skills 111/100Where should i hunt? Prem Acc And i got a Druid level 303, ML 89 Where should i hunt? dls? Prem Acc
  3. uchiha1sasukee

    Gym, Supplements, Nutrition, Diet..

    Hey Guys, do you go to the gym? what do you do? masterbate? jk lol but if you go to the gym what do you do, what is your program, what workout you do, are you bulking, cutting, or strength training? If so what are the supplement you take and if you do diet what kind of diet do you do? Here...
  4. uchiha1sasukee

    Hello is otland dying?

    its been a while so the question is it really dying? :confused:
  5. uchiha1sasukee

    Say something about the user above you~~~~

    No one above me except for otland.. So *blank*
  6. uchiha1sasukee

    Wallpaper +anything you want Request yours now, it will be done in minutes/Pro PS user!

    As the title says :P Request yours now also we offer Headers :) 1-what name do you want for your wallpaper/Header? if you want to add more than one text put it too.. 2-Color/style of your text? 3-what the size you want? Rules: Request 1 thing you could request...
  7. uchiha1sasukee

    Avatar +[Signature]+[Headers] request yours now, it will be done in few minutes/Pro PS user!

    Hello otlanders As the title says request yours now! ;p all you need to do is to answet the question/preference blew and it will be done :) 1-what name do you want for your avatar/sig/header? 2-color/style of the text you want? 3-the size of your choice...
  8. uchiha1sasukee

    Why there is always guests more than members!!?

    as the title says LOL! how come alot of guest, are they that lazy to join or register?, or even if they are retarded and don't know how to register lol,,, who knows there is something strange about those people not normal maybe youtube haters :O, or maybe aliens lol. lmao! i put this thread...
  9. uchiha1sasukee

    Znote is not a mod at all?! ???

    this message if for znote how could you lose it! , is it because there was 3000 pm? the max and then ur mod deleted because of this problem?!?! please come back znote. to prove: http://otland.net/members/znote/ i think znote's last word is this : "I CAN NOT ANSWER PMS! 3000 OF 500 MAX PMS...
  10. uchiha1sasukee

    who played 36.hopto.org?

    as the title said who paly and whats ur name! :P tell it i played this server when i was 13 yr's its an old server really old in the 2007 :D tell me do u play it?
  11. uchiha1sasukee

    HEy! argentina vs portugal! free live tream

    i got the link anyways,, its over the match argentina won 2/1 against portugal, its over the match could u delete or close any mod ty :) thank god Arg won! hail!
  12. uchiha1sasukee

    Know any Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore songs/any kind of music? share with us :D

    greetings to Metal and non metal fans :D As the title says if you got a nice/favorite song that has metal or any other song,, please share it with us. i love this song "Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden" what about yours?:$ best regards.uciha~~
  13. uchiha1sasukee

    Tibia.dat! help pleasE! easy for you to do..

    hi, and welcome i got a problem which is in tibia.dat, i have 8.54 and i want to edit it to make it walkable on poison and fire can anyone help me? and put the download link for downloading it , when u change the code in tibia.dat to make it walkable on poision fields and fire, then put in any...
  14. uchiha1sasukee

    Give a Nickname to User Above!

    just as the title said, please give a nickname ~whatever you want~ to user above well, thanks to my friend for giving me the idea.. okay, let's start! since there's no one above me... *blank*
  15. uchiha1sasukee

    When did you learn to start swearing?

    At what age did you learn to start swearing? And what was the first word you learned? Mine was about 2nd grade when my classmate yelled out "Putang-ina mo" during a fight which is Tagalog for "You're mom's a whore."
  16. uchiha1sasukee

    What would you do if the user above you said I love you?

    Post what will you do or say when the person above you were to sincerely say "I love you" to you. :D:D Example: i say: I love you you say: i hate or anything u want so let me start i love you :D
  17. uchiha1sasukee

    Does this really happens to you in the bathroom??

    as the title says , its happens >.> eyuk feels shitty..
  18. uchiha1sasukee

    does your stomach makes sounds when its 2:00am?

    as the title says in the morning ,before suns comes out does you stomach makes sounds? :thumbup: mine do >.> i ate alot but it does..
  19. uchiha1sasukee

    OMFG! Barcelona humiliate Real 5-0 in Clasico

    as the title says barca won loool 5/0, they got owned omg who didnt see it missed half of his life, jefferson, pedro, xavi all brought goals , omg unbelievable match glory to barca :D:D:D:D:peace: Messi is the best passer.. :D hail barca
  20. uchiha1sasukee

    Are today people greedy?

    well asi can see some of the people here i mean a huge amount of people are greedy to give rep+, are people jealous? or something like that? please what you got to lose if u rep a guy? Thanks<_<