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  1. Sp0tl3ss

    AAC Znote Acc Not Wroking With Nostalrius 7.7. need help to update Database

    Hello im trying to use Znote acc for Nostalrius 7.7 (https://otland.net/threads/nostalrius-7-7.262406/), but im getting an error " string(92) "SELECT id, name, password, email, premdays FROM accounts WHERE id = 3 LIMIT 1;" (query - SQL error) Type: select_single (select single row from database)...
  2. Sp0tl3ss

    Compiling Request Ninjas 1.2 8.6

    Hello i cant find ninjas tfs 1.2 downgraded to 8.6, any1 has it?
  3. Sp0tl3ss

    Rust Server!

    Scandinavian Vanilla Wiped Today! No Cheating Cheating will result in ban (same for accosiation with hacker) No toxic and or racist behaiviour. Biweekly map wipes and montly bp wipe!
  4. Sp0tl3ss

    Mapper Nestalia.org 8.0 RPG

    Hello im looking for a mapper for my 8.0 project. I am looking for someone who can: Map new content and have ideas and creativity. Can take and give criticism without getting offended like its 2025 already. Can speak english. Can map with an RPG feeling also has minimap in consideration when...
  5. Sp0tl3ss

    Compiling Compiling Ubuntu tfs

    Hello im trying to compile ninjalulz/forgottenserver on linux ubuntu and i get there errors collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/build.make:2002: recipe for target 'tfs' failed make[2]: *** [tfs] Error 1 CMakeFiles/Makefile2:99: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/all'...
  6. Sp0tl3ss

    Programmer [Paid] Tfs 1.2 downgrade

    Looking for somone to downgrade tfs 1.2 to 8.0. pm or discord for duscission :D spotless#3377
  7. Sp0tl3ss

    TFS 1.X+ LMs Event Portal not working

    Hello im trying to make this scripts work on my 8.6 tfs 1.2 server work, it creates teleport but it wont teleport me only says "sorry not possible" this is the error i get when lms event starts. Lua Script Error: [GlobalEvent Interface] data/globalevents/scripts/lmsStartEvent.lua:onThink...
  8. Sp0tl3ss

    Evolution Mid Rates.

    Hello im currently working on an 8.6 Evolution server it curently contains 20+ quests (more comming) 30+ hunts (more comming) 3 events (LMS Zombie and Daily Bosses) 2-4 man Dungeons (comming) Daily Quests Will contain donation items (best ingame set is stronger But extremly hard to obtain) I...
  9. Sp0tl3ss

    TFS 1.X+ XML Items Give Ml wont work

    Hello this is my XML code for a custom "Demon armor" and it says it will give +1ml but it wont and i dont know how to fic this issue 19:32 You see a demon armor (Arm:20, magic level +1, protection all +2%). It weighs 80.00 oz. here is an gif: Screen capture - 246b4525d8cabd60deacddbb3c76fe0e -...
  10. Sp0tl3ss

    TFS 1.X+ Custom UH

    function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) local level = player:getLevel() local magLevel = player:getMagicLevel() local min = (level * 1.5) + (magLevel * 8) - 50 local max = (level * 2.5) + (magLevel * 10) player:addhealth(math.random(min, max))...
  11. Sp0tl3ss

    TFS 1.X+ Cant Use Potion on hotkey.

    hello i have a problem with "vial of life fluid" i can right click it and heal myself but i cannot bind it to a hotkey for some reason, Vial of manafluid however works, they both contains the same scripts. its an 8.0 server using tfs 1.2 distro [8.0][TFS 1.x] Realera - Real Map Screen capture...
  12. Sp0tl3ss

    Looking for 7.9-8.1 (preferebly 8.0) monsters

    Hello im looking for a monster file for 8.0 for a real map
  13. Sp0tl3ss

    TFS 1.X+ Login Lua Script Error

    Admin has logged in. Lua Script Error: [CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/login.lua:onLogin data/creaturescripts/scripts/login.lua:16: attempt to call method 'getDepotLocker' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getDepotLocker'...
  14. Sp0tl3ss

    Halls of Hope Scripts

    Hello do anyone have Fully working "Halls of Hope" for otx 3.1(tfs 1.2). i need: working scripts for all the portals. (and all within the portals) Albinius remade (since hes not working 100% like intended) I am willing to pay for this!
  15. Sp0tl3ss

    Znote Acc Shop Image

    Hello i use znoteAcc and hes image server "items.znote.eu" but some items dont match mine for example rift bow get me a border, can i do anything to make the script take a picture localy stored? thanks
  16. Sp0tl3ss

    AAC Unable to login website, game is working?

    Hello i use znoteAAC 1.5 hosted on a home pc with uniserver. i can enter game and so on and even create accounts on website, BUT i can not login to the website its not wrong pw/acc when i press login i just get back to the login pahe with 0 indicators of what went wrong, support appreciated...
  17. Sp0tl3ss

    AAC Znote Tibiacom Sup Page Problem.

    Hello im using znoteAAC 1.5 With znotes tibiacom layout, and when i press login, latest news, highscore, lost account?, character and houses i will get dirrected to a blank page (all white) and ive tried to uppdate sup.php file but with no succses. http://nestalia.org/sub.php?page=login <- Not...
  18. Sp0tl3ss

    Looking for testers! client 10 RealMap

    Hello i want you to look for glitches, bugs or just things that dosent work propertly. Test if the loot, exp or skill/magic stages are to weak or strong. Test Quests, tasks and missions. The server its located in sweden. RealMap Cleint: 10-11.49 For every minor report you will be granted...
  19. Sp0tl3ss

    OTX 3.10 client 10

    Hello im looking for some scripts for OTX Version 3.10: !aol - Buys Aol For 1 crystal coin if you say !aol. !bless - Same as !aol but with all blessings. 5 crystal coins. !spells - Show all available spells for your vocation. /spotless
  20. Sp0tl3ss

    Windows Website shuts off when start tfs

    Hello when i start uniserver and start msql and apache i can asses website and everything is fine, but if i start the ot the website will go down. i use myaac for website.