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  1. luq14

    TFS 0.X 8.54, 036, unmoveable dead human for quest

    Hello, I need a dead human which is not decaying and is not moveable to work as a quest chest. How do make it? 1619621211 If i expand quest script by adding another item (the corpse), its gonna work with the quest system?
  2. luq14

    TFS 0.X Tfs 0.3.6, 8.54, Respawning Fields

    Hello, is there a function in TFS 0.3.6 of respawning not decaying fields which I put in map editor for make it playable (like switch under fire field etc)? Also a question: is it worth to upgrade my engine into newer versions if i want to keep the client? I have a big big job done so i dont...
  3. luq14

    Lua Simple script but does not work as I want to. Please help

    Hello. This is my script: I want to set DoDecayItem for created item 3311 but I don't know how. Please help me Thanks, Luq
  4. luq14

    TFS 0.X A small problem with NPC system which I cant solve by my own.

    Hey I have a problem with my npc system. When I want to sell for example 100x spider silk, its not readable. I can sell only 1x item in the slot. And second problem is that when I write hi, he sends message both in default and in NPCs channel shopModule:addSellableItem({'spider silk'...
  5. luq14

    Looking for a help with my server CCJ

    Hello. I used to create a server many years ago, Cookie Cotton Joe's, which had a great map and i was working on it for over 2 years. The map has been stolen so i cut the server. Now Id like to come back but im an architect and I don't have that much time for that. I need someone who could help...
  6. luq14

    AddEvent isn't working.

    Hello, It was working perfectly on tfs 0.3.5pl1 for 8.50 client, but on 0.3.6 for 8.54 everything is working except creating stones after delay. Please help, thank you. Xiddi
  7. luq14

    [Poland] 8.54 Cookie Cotton Joe's

    Cookie Cotton Joe's Gameplay Update (28.02.2010) Welcome, Player. You may see screens of Cookie Cotton Joe's world on this link: http://otland.net/f57/cookie-cotton-joes-xiddis-works-56992/ We have honour to offer You oppor to play on one of the best Open Tibia Servers which represents...
  8. luq14

    [Poland] 8.50 Cookie Cotton Joe's

    SERVER HAS BEEN UPDATED TO VERSION 8.54. CHECK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATIONS: http://otland.net/f43/poland-8-54-cookie-cotton-joes-68913/
  9. luq14

    [Cookie Cotton Joe's] - Xiddis works

    Hello folks In this thread, I'll show all my latest mapping works. Let's start from my new undead spot. I was inspired on Xan's works: ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ PS. Please look at my...
  10. luq14

    [Teaser V] Cookie Cotton Joe's - Training chambers

    Hello OTland members! I am back after a long break in mapping. I want to show you a next teaser of Cookie Cotton Joe's - some training chambers. If you do not remember me, it's no problem... (...)I became a warrior and my friend was hunter. We had to increase our fighting skills so we...
  11. luq14

    Problem with Item parameters

    Hello Otland members, I have a problem with items with ID 8140 - 8159. It is an earth grass. On old OTB from 8.4, it was genious and perfect - without bigger height but now, in 8.5, there is a little problem: 8.4: And here are my 8.5 bugs: In OTitem editor, there is a little...
  12. luq14

    [Minimap] Cookie Cotton Joe's

    Hello! I want to present actual status of Cookie Cotton Joe's lands. As you may know, It will become bigger. Map weights 13 mb now. Yours, Xiddi
  13. luq14

    [Teaser IV] Cookie Cotton Joe's - Feldarin

    Hello again! It's time for next teaser of the Cookie Cotton Joe's! Today I want to show you some screenies of dwarven kingdom... Let's start. (...)One day I went to the west part of my continent. The weather was enjoyable so I had a really good journey. When I reached my errand, I've seen...
  14. luq14

    [Teaser III] Cookie Cotton Joe's - Hunting Grounds

    Hello again! It's time for the biggest third showoff of Cookie Cotton Joe's. Here you may see hunting areas and some of nature on the whole continent. (...)When I became really experienced one, I started exploring the whole continent of my lands. Some creatures were really dangerous and...
  15. luq14

    [Teaser II] Cookie Cotton Joe's - Rookgaard

    Hello again! After my previous showoff of Verona I want to show you island of new adventurers - well known Rookgaard: (...)I was born in comely temple... I was really young, didn't have any experience but local monk called Cookiefried helped me a lot - He shown me where can I get equipment...
  16. luq14

    [Teaser I] Cookie Cotton Joe's - Verona

    Hello everyone! I was mapping my project called Cookie Cotton Joe's over the year and now relase date is really close. Because of that, I want to show you some teasers of my server. And now it's time to present a city called Verona:. (...)Verona was a huge capital of human race. I saw...
  17. luq14

    [TFS 0.2.9][8.1]Problems with Modules NPCs

    Hello! I have a problem with all NPC's with Buyable and Sellable modules! Scripts works fine, but when I ask NPC for example: "buy red tapestry" there is no any answer, but one error in console: [08/04/2008 21:14:56] data/npc/lib/npcsystem/modules.lua:669: attempt to index global...