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    [POLAND] [8.54] PokeDream

    Hello, After 7 years PokeDream is back. This is a hobby project. It is based on the Brazilian ots pokemon engine. We are not looking for a large number of players yet, but rather reliable testers. Therefore, the online limit is set at 30 people. If you want to have an impact on the future of the...
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    Added images don't work.

    Hello, I have a problem with added images to OTclient in tutorial sections. TUTORIALS['en'][#TUTORIALS['en'] + 1] = { name = "Game Screen", contents = { {type = CONTENT_TYPES.IMAGE, value = "/images/tutorial/game_window.png"}, {type = CONTENT_TYPES.TEXT, value = "1 -...
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    Lua Duel with NPC problem.

    Hello, I have a problem with scripts on pokemonOT. When duel is started (gym,random,quest) I can't target enemy NPC pokemon and AOE skills don't hurt it too. His pokemons can attack and kill my normally. I attach 2 scripts (general and random npc) and someone can help me? Maybe something should...
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    Otclient name.

    Hello, Is possible to change name of existing client? I know that was possible in old tibia client, but atm i have an otclient. And how to edit login image?
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    Outfits and mysql problem.

    Hello, I have a problem with outfits and I cant find an answer anywhere. I am using the mysql database and would like to add a specific outfit / addon to the form. I would like to ADD, not change the one currently worn for a while. Anyone can explain to me where in the database are these data...
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    Problem z addonami outfitów w bazie danych.

    Witam, mam problem z outfitami i nigdzie nie mogę trafić na odpowiedź. Używam bazy danych mysql i chciałbym dodać do postaci konkretny outfit/addon. Zaznaczam dodać, a nie zmienić ten aktualnie noszony na chwilę. Ktoś jest w stanie wytłumaczyć mi gdzie w bazie danych trzymane są te dane z...