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  1. Adposatnr

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    May i know why i cant post on kasteria thread on advertisement? I can in any other thread no information on my alerts tho.
  2. Adposatnr

    kasteria/eloth team the real story

    Since kay made mistake by creating thread on wrong board i'll copy his post there hope we'll get rid of that money-sucking garbage team from otland too If you wanna see oddshot i got it saved on my computer could upload anytime again (they trying to remove it asap)
  3. Adposatnr

    Spoofing problem

    This is ridiculous how darkot/mastercores/thorsan/idkmoreotswhichhehost hoster and otland member:OpenTibiaServer spoofing his server and trying to hide it. Hes doing it since years without ANY punishment and still lie to ppl trying to suck as much money as he could. Hes a shame for all 7.4...