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  1. El Diablo

    When do you think Cipsoft will change Tibia from 2D to 3D?

    I registered, I'll see yall when things go live!
  2. El Diablo

    Project X? Maybe... (10.++ XDC)

    Xagul is one of the best server creators, that there can be no doubt of
  3. El Diablo

    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    Posting so I receive update notifications
  4. El Diablo

    Is it time for otservers with steeper exp curve than on cipbia?

    Not at all, in perspective of EXP per hour many retro servers are technically slower than real tibia already. They typically don't last that long and die out. There are a few that have beat those odds and hold high player counts like Medevia and after all these years the highest level is nowhere...
  5. El Diablo

    Any 7.4 nice custom OT? (rpg - pvp)

    When it comes to true oldschool and custom you're really not going to find anything. Those who want to play old versions only create "real tibia" servers and variants of those. Medivia is your best bet.
  6. El Diablo

    Tibia in Minecraft

    That is fantastic to hear! I was really hoping that would come! Now all we need is a non-pvp server 😎
  7. El Diablo


    The bats are amazing. I also love the wizard hat haha
  8. El Diablo

    Tibia Ot

    What you are looking for is a hyper visor host and then a VPN running off of each machine. No, nothing like that exists, at least that is free. I'm sure there are paid options to achieve this if you look though. Alternatively you could pay your ISP for a static IP block and map each machine to a...
  9. El Diablo

    Your favorite OT

    Any servers by Death or Synthetic. Other than that, Brabexia 7.1
  10. El Diablo


    The input not going through was indeed due to the bot. I figured that out the next day, each time I disabled the bot and played manually during that period it was fine. It takes precedent and interrupts player controls. Great to hear there have been fixes!
  11. El Diablo


    Server is great but pretty unstable. A lot of times the client doesn't register my input and I get spikes of high MS. It is not my connection as another individual I was playing with also confirmed lag at the same times. If things were more stable this would be a unique server with a lot of...
  12. El Diablo

    Character Auction

    Over 200$ down the drain
  13. El Diablo

    Character Auction

    Yikes! Be careful what you auction for! Those items are in main and not in rookgaard.
  14. El Diablo

    Change vocation when reach skill level?

    That is actually a very interesting idea. Warrior < Arms Master, requires obtaining 65 in all melee skills. Class based around different attack effects depending on weapons.
  15. El Diablo

    Tibia Server 6.4

    if you are on today I can show you :)
  16. El Diablo

    Tibia Server 6.4

    Nope, I just know how to instantly crash the server in 20 different ways lol. He has the server set to autoreboot on crash
  17. El Diablo

    Tibia Server 6.4

    I'll fix the server for you. One moment Edit --- Fixed!
  18. El Diablo

    Tibia Server 6.4

    I love how absoutely rocked venore is with bugged map and yet the doors still have house flag lmfao. There is no ground floor, only parts of +1
  19. El Diablo

    Difference in displaying floors/levels in game - OT distributions vs real tibia (picture)

    This was a hilarious read, a person so blatantly wrong is just arguing with his video facts instead of taking consideration of multiple programmers.
  20. El Diablo

    Tibia Server 6.4

    level 129! :D