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  1. tatee

    Paid, simple job.

    I am looking for someone who can make a simple request: I don't want full real tibia map. I just want this 7 respawns in a map and teleports to all of them. 1. Temple with teleports to this respawns: Soulwar Library Falcon/Cobra Buried Cathedral Venore Spectres Buried Cathedral Deep desert...
  2. tatee

    Lua 0.4 Online Stamina

    I've been looking for a script that regains stamina while online on trainers. TFS 1.2 Trainer stamina regen. I found this but it is for tfs 1.2, and I can't use it. I would really appreciate if someone could help me. I also tried a globalevent with this script but it doesn't seem to be...
  3. tatee

    Scripter Casino npc / Trainer Stamina Regen 0.4

    I'm looking for a scripter. Im using OTX, so 0.4 1. I want a decent blackjack system, high/low, even/odd. It could be one npc or several npcs, I don't mind. 2. Regain Stamina while online, same rate as when you are offline. Only while at trainers though. It could be either while attacking a...
  4. tatee

    Looking for general help

    Im working on a serious server which i'm planning to host, advertise, etc in a while. I am not looking for someone to be part of a project. Basically what I am looking for is someone with experience on all areas who wants to earn some extra buck by doing stuff on request. I will pay through...
  5. tatee

    People not losing appropiate amount of skills/ml

    Deathlosspercent is set to 10 on config.lua. I've already tried setting mysql queries. People lose an appropiate amount of level, but when it comes to skill or magic level they lose about 3% everytime, I just want to set everything to the usual amount of loss. I suspect it should be somewhere...