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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    Agree @Terotrificy seems to be older and have more IQ than you @Laloomega @Terotrificy don't want to trash the topic, but when we put everything aside with the privacy that is understandable, the fact that @Sir Sezago published an image as his showoff and labeled it as his work(can't name it...
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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    He wouldn't know if i didn't write the first post, it was to inform him :| it's funny that you don't understand anything here, but you will blind defend someone that i don't even have problem to. Listen kid @Laloomega let me slowly explain it to you dummy - @Sir Sezago is not the problem, the...
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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    Your client is a thief and im not talking about the fact he sended you stolen graphics, im talking about the fact of YOU presenting YOUR work with stolen graphics... You can send him photos on private message, don't post your work with stolen stuff on public forum...
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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    Shame on you, you recolored and used my buttons for your project(donate, download client) and i see many more smaller things, please don't steal stuff - MAKE YOUR OWN GRAPHICS.
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    Graphic Designer Promotional & war videos services

    Affordable prices and quick :) recommended
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    Kaper Pixelarts

    Great job with those izo characters, hope you continue making it and not those flat ugly gameboy graphics.. :)
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    [France] [Custom] Naruto Ninja Way | 23 October

    IP: NNWOTS.pl * Port: Custom * Launch: October 23 at 13:00 (GMT-4) Client: Custom * Uptime: 24/7 * Website: NNWOTS SITE Exp rate: Stages * Map: Custom * Server type: Pvp-Enfo
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    [Poland] Jukoria.pl |December 3 | 16:00 CEST | High Exp Evo

    Jukoria's New Edition Starts 3 December, at 16:00 CEST CREATE ACCOUNT IP: Jukoria.PL Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Start: 3/12/2017 Time: 16:00 Stamina: Yes PvP: from 20k lvla Houses: 25000 level Server Type: Open-PvP
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    Damian Gallery

    I can vouch for @Damian1121 i bought freeza for my new dragon ball project with transform effect. :) awesome work! transaction went smooth. - First Form - After Transform - Transform Effect
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    Programmer Hex/C++ Changing packets to server

    @Webo I dont think you understand me i need to change packets from source that go to client ( Source>Client ) Example. If someone use's my client with his source and he doesnt have the correct packet for something that i will have in my source and the client will be changed to respond to it...
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    Programmer Hex/C++ Changing packets to server

    Looking for a person that can change packets (from client to server).
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    Modyfikacja gry i prawa autorskie

    Jezeli dobrze zmodyfikujesz i uzyjesz innej nazwy to raczej nic sie nie stanie
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    PZ fight swords Problem And Spell Config lua

    With the exori con COMBAT_FORMULA_SKILL, 1.0, -100, 1.0, -200 Im not sure if i understood but i think u want it to attack more dmg you only need to change 1.0 and the other 1.0 to lets say 2.0 2.0 BUT remember that the second one has to be the same as first or higher! +REP if i helped =)
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    PZ fight swords Problem And Spell Config lua

    Try this pz/skull will be really short pzLocked = 10 * 1000 huntingDuration = 1 * 1000 criticalHitChance = 7 criticalHitMultiplier = 1 displayCriticalHitNotify = false removeWeaponAmmunition = false removeWeaponCharges = false removeRuneCharges = false...
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    [France] Ascalon (8.7 Custom) - Coming soon

    looks fun finally something new lol