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    [Release] World of LastWar 8.31 [Release]

    Maybe someone has this data ? no matter what version tibia
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    [FRANCE][7.6] Zagan Square Reborn RPG - 28 August 18:00 CEST

    http://www.zagansquare.pl/play/zaganclient.rar Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at www.zagansquare.pl Port 80
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    [USA][8.0 - 8.1] [PerfectTibia] - SEASON 2 BEGINS ON FRIDAY (19/03) - Real Map & Custom .Futom .Fully scripted content , Old Style Gameplay

    I am very happy that you take our opinion into account, I think players will be open to adding more custom maps, of course, during the game. Thanks
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    [USA][8.0 - 8.1] [PerfectTibia] - SEASON 2 BEGINS ON FRIDAY (19/03) - Real Map & Custom .Futom .Fully scripted content , Old Style Gameplay

    I am also in favor of a smaller exp stage, and therefore a more stable server. I would ask you to fix this link https://perfecttibia.com/.
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    [France][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia RPG | PvP Enforced | 15 AUGUST 15:00 CEST

    Wouldn't a better start be 14?
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    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Encounter, High-rate world! [29.11, Friday 18:00 CET], Antibot client.

    Breaking out on destroying all servers will never come, your server will last a maximum of 2 months
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    [SWEDEN] Aleria 7.72 - Low/Mid-Rated - Real Map

    Noob ots you hacking account :D
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    When start server ????????
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    You can be defined more or less start ?
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    [Poland] BatoryOTS RPG 7.6

    nice server i and me team go start 00:00 :D
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    [USA] Eluseria [7.6] Classic Stages nice EXP!

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ClassException' Message: Player::Create() Group #1 does not exist. Check your database and config file. Online help: More Info File: player.php on line: 250 Script was terminated because something unexpected happened. You can report this, if you think it's a...
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    [USA] Eluseria [7.6] Classic Stages nice EXP!

    Fix account maker :D Not Verification Image
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    [Poland]Exori YurOts map 8.54

    Welcom to Exori Mapa YurOts General Information: • Server IP - exori.no-ip.org • Fair Community • Runing 8.54 Cilent • Gods English and Polish • Balanced vocations • Fair Staff • Online 24/7 • Frag Loss Time - 2hh • 7 Unjustified Kills - Red Skull • Protection...
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    [Sweden]Halexo Real Map 7.6 START

    Welcome To Halexo RPG - Realmap 7.6. Get ready for one of the best realmaps excisting today. Experience a server filled with huge wars and all of tibias quests. ------- Rates: Skills = 20x Magic = 5x Loot = 2x Spawn = 1x ------- Server info: Thanks to a dedicated host...
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    8.54 dmg 7.6

    no dosyć dobrze śmiga tyko słabe obroty troszkę ale to jak pisałeś się poprawi :)
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    8.54 dmg 7.6

    Witam mam pytanko nie wiem czy było jak tak to proszę o linki bo znaleźć nie mogę , widzeliscie moze silnik pod 8.54 lub inna tibie z tych nowszych z dmg z 7.6 exhausted,bursty itp ???