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    [France] [Custom] Naruto Ninja Way | 23 October

    IP: NNWOTS.pl * Port: Custom * Launch: October 23 at 13:00 (GMT-4) Client: Custom * Uptime: 24/7 * Website: NNWOTS SITE Exp rate: Stages * Map: Custom * Server type: Pvp-Enfo
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    [Poland] Jukoria.pl |December 3 | 16:00 CEST | High Exp Evo

    Jukoria's New Edition Starts 3 December, at 16:00 CEST CREATE ACCOUNT IP: Jukoria.PL Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Start: 3/12/2017 Time: 16:00 Stamina: Yes PvP: from 20k lvla Houses: 25000 level Server Type: Open-PvP
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    Programmer Hex/C++ Changing packets to server

    Looking for a person that can change packets (from client to server).
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    Problem Gesior ACC gildie sie tworza bez leadera

    Tak jak w nazwie tworze gildie i zostaje utworzona bez leadera
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    Linux Gesior ACC guilds create but there's no leader

    Hello i have a problem with gesior acc when i create a guild there's no leader in it here is a screenshot
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    Solved Problem guilds gesior acc after creating a guild guilds dont work

    Hello otlanders i have a problem the thing is my guilds work until i create a guild because when i create a guild i have an error in guilds like there was nothing in my database but when i delete the guild that i created it works again untill i create another guild or when i create a guild and...
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    Compiling Problem with 10.90

    Hello guys i have a problem with compiling 10.90 any help? By the way i know i need a newer library but i dont know how to install it
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    Linux 9.81 Problem logging into the game

    Hello otlanders! i have a big problem i cant connect to my server but everything works the thing is when i open my server it says it works and when i try to connect to my client it works but i cant connect to my gameworld because it says my password and account name is invalid i dont know what...
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    Compiling Linux Problem with luascipt.cpp "boost"

    Hello everybody i have a problem the thing is that when i started compiling i got an error like this And i dont know how to fix it any help?:)
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    Linux When logging into the game server crashes

    Hello i have a problem i have a server on linux debian and when i try to log into the game the server crashes it all happened when i compiled something because i added some things to my source reuploading my data and source didnt help either can anyone help me or explain how to make maybe some...