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    Someone knows about Aurelion?

    hello, anyone know what happened to Aurelion? apparently his account was deleted
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    Tfs 1.3 - MyAAc - !report command - Revscript

    The script is basic, you use the command !report and a file is generated inside the OT folder which is reflected in the MyAAC admin panel. local function timestampToDate(timestamp) local day_count, year, days, month = function(yr) return (yr % 4 == 0 and (yr % 100 ~= 0 or yr % 400 == 0))...
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    Claustrophobic Inferno and Furious Crater

    Map #1 - Claustrophobic inferno Information: - OTB: OTBR - Version: 12.60 - Size: 68KB (zip) - More information: position (1075, 1069, 9), (no respawn) Map #2 - Furious Crater Information: - OTB: OTBR - Version: 12.60 - Size : 139KB (zip) - More information: position...
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    question about vps

    Hello, i am looking for a hosting vps page where I can rent a service only for 1 day or 1 week, does anyone know any?