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  1. J

    Which your oppinion about wand and rods for 7.x versions?

    Until version 7.6 there were no wands and rods The mages must hunt with burst arrow and weapons. What do you think about adding wands and rods in otserv 7.x even lower versions of 7.6
  2. J

    OTClient Improved animations working but when walking out animation unsynchronizes

    I enabled improved animations on object build and on otclient source: if(version >= 770) { enableFeature(Otc::GameLooktypeU16); enableFeature(Otc::GameMessageStatements); enableFeature(Otc::GameLoginPacketEncryption); enableFeature(Otc::GameEnhancedAnimations)...
  3. J

    Which best source and client for a global 7.x server with some new protocol (10.x) features and a lot of customization

    I have a project to work as a hobby on a server based on version 7.6 / 7.72 (map, formulas) and bringing some features from other versions (8.x, 9.x, 10.x) like hotkeys to attack monsters, addons, modal window, new elements, absorption of elements in monsters, events. This project is a hobby...
  4. J

    OTClient Screen render freezing while keyboard walking

    Hello, I'm using 772 client (edubart otclient) with Nostalrius server (772) When I walking on otclient using keyboard happens small cuts for each walking SQM: Another example on different ground: But on click map (autowalk) this work very well: I tested keyboard walking on otclientv8 and...
  5. J

    OTClient Problem in the walking system (auto walk) when there is an obstacle in front

    Hello Guys, Tools: I'm using 772 client (edubart otclient) with Nostalrius server (772) Context: If im walking with keyboard and there is an obstacle in front of me and I do not stop waiting a second or miliseconds before I send him to walk (click on a point on the map) the autowalking system...