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    [8.60/8.00/7.72] Clean TFS 1.3/1.4 Downport

    alot of bugs
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    OpenTibia (CipSoft files) monster.db - spawn extractor

    someone with knowledge can help me with this application code? https://github.com/joekaizen/tibia-monster-db-extract/blob/master/Program.cs How to do a check to erase for example 50 id and 53 id monster of extraction on line 101 of code
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    Programmer Looking for dll programmer Tibianic.dll

    Hello community, im looking for a dll programmer to fix a wrong thing on tibianic.dll I pay with paypal method Pvt me for more detail.
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    nostalrius npc bank

    Post solution please
  5. J

    nostalrius npc bank

    Up, i just need know how is the npc script command to deposit and withdraw, i saw the bahavior already exist on server sources
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    [7.4] Authentic Real Map - Extracted from TibiCAM files

    anyone here got crash on map editor openning the cipsoft respawn convert? im using nostalrius map editor 99% loading map crash
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    Compiling OT 7.72 TFS 1.3

    This engine works for cip client or otclient?
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    Compilling TFS doubt

    Anyone here know if TFS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 can be compiled on Linux 20.14?
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    nostalrius npc bank

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    nostalrius npc bank

    someone here can help me? Im using Nostalrius Distro How can i do a bank npc? deposit, balance, and withdraw function? i saw something about balance on behaviordatabase.cpp but idk how work on npc script
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    Lua Teleport script 1.2

    for tfs 1.2 anyone can help me? I need a script that changes the player's current outfit entire color to just one color when he enter in teleport. Thank you very much in advance
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    TFS 1.X+ Fix Dodging (By Walking back/forth) Monster Attacks

    someone fixed this?
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    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius bug attack

    someone fixed?
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    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius bug attack

    I have this bug
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    Mapper nostalrius map converter

    anyone know how to use this map converter? for example i want convert a map 8.6 to nostalrius server, what i need do?
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    Looking for Programmer job

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    C++ Doubt Programming old school server

    I was looking at old cams, when a player kills the monster, there is a small delay for the monster to fall to the ground, and his life bar is completely black, observing this, in the current tfs when he kills a monster he istantaneously falls to the ground and your life bar quickly disappears...