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    RevScripts change script grand master oberon TFS 1.3

    How change that script to : 60 min for kill Oberon and 2h to enter booss where chasnge : that is script : local setting = { centerRoom = {x = 33364, y = 31318, z = 9}, storage = Storage.TheSecretLibrary.TheOrderOfTheFalcon.OberonTimer, Pillar1pos = {x = 33361, y = 31316, z = 9}...
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    exercise_training tfs 1.3

    hi, I have exercise_training.lua that it is script : Can somebody help me with make that I skill sword and shield ? local skills = { [32384] = {id=SKILL_SWORD,voc=4}, -- KNIGHT [32385] = {id=SKILL_AXE,voc=4}, -- KNIGHT [32386] = {id=SKILL_CLUB,voc=4}, -- KNIGHT [32387] =...
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    Tibia map 12.51 to client Tibia 10

    Hi, Can somebody help I have all map see in Client Tibia 12.51 how convert this to client Tibia 10 . Becouse in the client 10 Incan see map
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    Exercise waperons/Dumy tfs 1.3

    Hi can samebody could tell me how make the skill exercise waperons give me skill shield ??
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    Remove empty potions

    Hi, can somebody please tell me how make the don't have empty potion in backpack. This is my code ( potion.lua) local berserk = Condition(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) berserk:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, 10 * 60 * 1000) berserk:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_SKILL_MELEE, 5)...
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    Bot tibia

    Can somenody have bot tibia 12 + Diaxbot ?? Ot cronos bot how to run cavebot and maybe somebody have tutorial
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    Edit map ots

    Hi, Can someboy help me ? How use Rme map edytor with tibia 12.51 Can somenody have tutorial how Edyta map client Tibia 12.51 ??
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    Problem with Play on Tibia 10 M0ustafa help

    Hi, Can sime body look.this files and make the client Tibia 10 work?? 10.07 MB file on MEGA (https://mega.nz/file/3V5jRKxZ#BOifdkdtq-T2tO5TuDFd7EpQ5b7dYaFvd9NVJFaBSUM) { skompilowany uodtae broch 10/12 I mój serwer : 258.77 MB file on MEGA...
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    Client 12.4 /10 i have problem on login the gamę

    Hi I have problem onnlogin the gamę on tibia 10 . The atachment i add screen That link id screen shot https://mega.nz/file/7A41zQyY#ymeRj2brjhlt26ofnzMD5y8VJNHloR3FtKJWS8Sh6wE
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    New Item tibia 12.51

    Hi, How add the new waperons in tibia 12 . i want copy np. magic sword but change the name, change id and add new atrybut Np. critical damage And how make to add more HP and mana for level for knight ??
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    Compile files

    Can somenody compile this files : opentibiabr/otservbr-global (https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/tree/update-10/12x-branch) and tell how add to serwer
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    MyAAC][Plugin] login.php for Tibia 10

    Hi can somenody have a [Plugin] login.php for Tibia 10 and stare them. I'm trying to make the server work also on tibia 10. Please help me . And could you past tutorial how add client in the serwer and on the xampp
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    Client version compile

    i'm dowload the serwer this link : 1)258.77 MB file on MEGA (https://mega.nz/file/vzQgDbjZ#aDHPNItRJfoFSOYmfDuYcNAFlqW2yo3PfSinD88T2nM) And I wan play on Client Tibia 10 but I'm can't . Can somenody add a dowload compile the opentibiabr/otservbr-global 2 ) (opentibiabr/otservbr-global...
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    Mana keg

    I play next-stage ots. And there are mana and heal keg. that I click on item and he gives me strong mana or supreme heal potion. And for example I have 500 strong mana potion that clicks 4 times on keg mana. id strong mana potion: 237 id supreme health potion: 23375 id strong mana keg: 25909...
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    Change name a custom client

    How change name custom client, to xenobot will be work
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    RME for tibia 10.0.0

    Please link for Map edytor tibia client 10
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    Spell mayker for fts 1.3

    HI Have aby spells mayker for Fts 1.3 tibia 10 ?? Please link
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    AAC Cannot save ItemsList. Player ID not set.

    This is my errors:
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    Need help UniserwerZ

    Hi. Need help to configurate creat Player to Uniserwer Z When I creead Player Please look The picture
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    How change mana restory tfs 1.3

    How change to get mor mana to use mana potion and how change to spirit potion use knight and elite knight and change atrybute