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    Lua TFS not loading xml and lua npc scripts

    I'm using Nekiros downgraded 7.72 and when I go to launch all the .xml and .lua scripts for NPCS will not load. These are the errors. Maybe the pathing is incorrect? [Warning - NpcScript::NpcScript] Can not load script: data/npc/scripts/default.lua cannot open...
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    Cant login once server is online.

    Using TFS 1.4 Nekiro's Downgrades for 7.72. Xikini helped me get it running and the znote website to create an account and character. that all seems fine up until I go to login. I enter my details and it just says invalid account number. I used a 7.72 client which says invalid account number and...
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    Windows Need help with making an ot.

    I'm unfortunately THAT guy, but I would just like to try to understand what it takes to just privately host a real map ot, anywhere from 7.8 - 8.6. I've managed to setup a standard forgotten server for 10.98 but that was kinda just like plug and play. What I do understand that it just isn't a...