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  1. Tjay

    Games and old buddies

    Whats up guys, its been awhile. Havent been around ina while, (any familar faces, lost touch with a lot) Now to the games. What are some good pc games? I just got a new cpu, first time i dont have a limit to what I can play. Been playing the battlefield 5 beta last couple days. Manly rpg, mmos...
  2. Tjay

    Pc game?

    So i know i havent been around much lately just got my old job back and they been keeping me busy just finished working 13 days straight. But I need some type of pc game to play. Ive gotten out of playing league. I still play time to time. Or are there any good servers out right now?
  3. Tjay


    Hey guys random post but do any of yall know some good things to help with sinuses. I've tried like everything and still can't stop sneezing. Ive always had troubles with sinuses the last 2 years it got better and now this year its like fuk you tjay lol.
  4. Tjay

    Premium Boards

    Is it me or does it seem that there arent that many mods for them. Like i see new post but barely any replies. Was just wandering if i was the only one noticing this. Thanks, Tjay
  5. Tjay

    NPC Prestige/rebirth System with onlook working

    UPDATED 5-26-2014. On look works properly now add also added a few extras to the npc max rebirths and broadcast on rebirth. Also This is tested on 0.3.6 First for the NPC 1-Open a new notepad or w.e you use. I use Notepad++ alot neater Notepad++ v5.9.3 - Current Version 2-Past the following...
  6. Tjay

    Duping Items Problem

    Ok found a bug in my server need to know if anyone know how i can fix it. First im using tfs crying damson 0.3.6. Ok Its a duping problem this is how they told me they where doing 16:11 ****** [62077: one sat here. 16:11 ****** [62077: Other person would pass bp 16:11 ****** [62077: I'd log...
  7. Tjay

    Website error

    I have my website up but i have one error and not sure whats causing it here an example Basicly it just shows the players name level and everything but no background. the error its giving is Fatal error: Uncaught...
  8. Tjay

    {USA} Tjays Evolved 5k 8.54

    Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.54 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in:USA Internet speeds below will upgrade when needed Website: Tjays Evolutions. Map: Edited Evolutions map, with custom fishing. 18mb map atm updating weekly. Rates: experienceStages = true rateExperience = 5000.0...
  9. Tjay

    Lua Npc Script

    Is There a way to make a npc that you need 100 metal spikes(id 11208) and can trade them in for a health stone{id 11220} or mana skull(id 2229) Thanks, Tjay
  10. Tjay

    Add Health or mana %

    Is there a code what adds like health% and mana%? I want to make a quest that gives new equipment that add 10% health or mana. <attribute key="maxhealthpercent" value="10"/> <attribute key="maxmanapercent" value="10"/> I used those but it didnt work is was like takin health away lol...
  11. Tjay

    Debug Error

    On my server when people reach a certain level or a certain skill and they open there skills list they get debugged. Is there anything to fix this ive looked havent found anything related to this. Thanks, Tjay
  12. Tjay

    {NPC} Is this Possible?

    Code removed. Fixed Thanks Tjay
  13. Tjay


    I just Put a Rebirth system into my server and i have everything working right. Besides one thing and thats the onlook.lua i have its not working, but im not getting any errors. this is what i have at the moment. local minlvl = 80000 local newlvl = 8 function onLook(cid, thing, position...
  14. Tjay

    Restarter TFS 3.5.6

    I have a restarter for my server it works and runs but when it crashes it doesnt reset.
  15. Tjay

    [LUA] Frag problems

    For Some Reason my Frags arent working and ive changed just tried using the basic login.lua with the 1st code below. If i use that one the frags work but if i use the 2nd code below they dont. Can anyone tell whats causing it in? local config = { loginMessage =...
  16. Tjay

    [Request] Prestige System NPC

    I need a Prestige system that uses a npc. For example When your reach level 717k you can goto the Npc say prestige and it will start you back at level 100 but with a start hp/mana 1k/1k but it lets them keep there skills/magic level. And when you look at them 00:55 You see Player (Level 151081)...
  17. Tjay

    Team [Team] Tjay's Evolutions (name soon to change)

    Okey, well I just start a project a few weeks ago, I have a Edited Evolutions Map that i'm hosting, I can do almost anything myself but its getting hard to get everything done myself so im searching for a few scripters and good in website (php,html). Server Information Exp-5,000 Client-8.54...