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    WoW-Mania 3.3.5a Private Servers WoW-Mania is a 3.3.5a Blizzlike Server that reflects the experience from a Blizzard Realm. However there are also unique items, features and events that will enrich your game experience without breaking its original mechanics. WoW-Mania has been around for 4...
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    Windows What is an easy tool to record tibia for 8.6 and tibia 10.77?

    Hi There Otlanders as the title says, I want to know a good and easy program to record tibia for 8.6 and 10.77? if you have a video Tut about the program that would really help.. thanks
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    Hug, Slap, or Kiss, the avatar above you?

    :w00t: as the title says ^^ no one above me!
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    Which phone should i buy? Iphone or Galaxy? reason? positives and negatives?Be Honest

    hi there As the titles say what do you recommend i should buy? Iphone or galaxy? also confused by buying iphone 5 and galaxy S 2 what do you recommend? about me: im new to iphones i got Ipad but not an iphone.. , so i was gonna buy iphone 4 whenever i wanted to buy it my older...