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    The server turns itself off

    Log ScreenLog.0 Last online server : June 19, 2019, 5:54 am CET Saving server... Shutting down...Saving server... done! Autosave local shutdownAtServerSave = false local cleanMapAtServerSave = false local function serverSave() if shutdownAtServerSave then...
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    The server turns itself off

    someone will explain to me how to enter correctly gdb server_binary core or bt ? an example?
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    createaccount.php /tfs 1.3

    Hello, I would like to add to this code the ability to block the creation of the following type: alina has three accounts "heniek bought the flat" I just want the character's nickname not to consist of less than 3 characters and no more than one space. createaccount.php // createaccount.php -...
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    Hello, I have a question about this script because there are not always messages from players, sometimes only 3 messages will be displayed and 2 messages will be displayed on the page and 3 messages will be displayed only in the database and on the page no longer <?PHP...
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    The server turns itself off

    I have already written that there is nothing
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    The server turns itself off

    And are you pointing me where this log is located? because at /var/ log / I do not have the log you wrote me
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    The server turns itself off

    If you were so grateful and stressed which log you mean because I do not know myself anymore
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    The server turns itself off

    The server continues to turn itself off at these times or can someone help me ?? I do not have an error with the console because the computer is usually turned off at night and the server was active by the screen command Last online server : June 19, 2019, 5:54 am CET
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    Premium Scroll tfs 1.3

    The script works, but how to fix this error? console error Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/other/premium30dni.lua:onUse luaDebugPrint(). Deprecated function. stack traceback: [C]: in function 'debugPrint' data/lib/compat/compat.lua:406: in function...
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    Sell Character Auctions tfs1.3

    Hello, I have a problem with Auction Character tfs 1.3 Acc gesior 2012 It only works for me to add a character for sale the only problem is that if I want to check what character is displayed: when I change OTS_Player to player and OTS_Account on account, I see HTTP ERROR 500 Orginal post ...
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    Rookgaard stages

    Hello, I am looking for a complete script under tfs 1.3 or OTX. At exp stage rookgaard the idea is that the exp stage should be permanently available
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    [Warning - Event::checkScript] Can not load script: scripts/autosave.lua data/globalevents/scripts/autosave.lua:37: 'end' expected (to close 'function' at line 30) near <eof> Can someone improve this script because I probably added something wrong function onThink(interval, lastExecution) I...
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    The server turns itself off

    The restarter did not help the server just switches itself off at this time log from Last online: June 18, 2019, 5:59 am CET I will try the way from gpedro and let me know tomorrow whether it helped
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    The server turns itself off

    So we bet now that the guilty may be serversave? If I turn off the server in the morning, will there be a log from this event somewhere? where can I find him? I already have a script from a colleague above to restore the server after the crash, but I would like to eliminate such a crash once a...
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    The server turns itself off

    ok, the script works, but how to fix this error, by which server turns off at a given hour, I get a message somewhere about how the server will turn off now, why did it happen?
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    Tibia 11.44.5516 Client

    Hello, I have a question because I made a client under my server only there are problems, the client 12 does not read me different things as I create gets debug while the client 10x works without a problem. I'll give an example on the client 12 I will do item gets debug I can not open the...
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    The server turns itself off

    something like that pops up while true; do ./tfs --log-file "output.txt" "error.txt"; done = -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `done'
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    The server turns itself off

    No have Globalsave in globalevents, config.lua
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    The server turns itself off

    The problem still occurs I am unable to provide a putty log because the server works on / screen and the computer is off the server turns off the hour ~~ 6-7AM Globalevents Autosave.lua local cleanMapAtSave = true local function serverSave(interval) if cleanMapAtSave then...
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    Items from Yana.npc Debug

    Hello games trying to make a Slayer of destruction or other object from Yana npc gets debug tfs1.3 client 11.46 Edit : As I create eg a slayer of destruction gets debug you can not get another character in this place because it gets every debug