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    [USA] [Custom - 7.4] WeAreTibia PvP-RPG [EU PROXY 13/04/2019] [18:00 CET]

    really bad ot most corrupt brazilian owner ive ever seen, sells characters of people who donate aint worth playing, DARKOT SOON THO
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    [France] [7.72] [Nangijala RPG] [Custom Edited Yurots Map] START 2019-01-30 18.00 CET)

    pull up the paypal bills o.o and turn this shit on im trying to explore!
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    [USA] Chronicles of Legends CUSTOM!! 100% NEW MAP!! 8 NEW CLASS!! FOCUSED ON RPG!!

    Bump, Really good custom server has potential try it out guys!
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    [USA] [Custom - 7.4] WeAreTibia PvP-RPG [EU PROXY 13/04/2019] [18:00 CET]

    really bad server only in it for the cash. staff most horrible staff ever seen on a server. move on boys will turn off in 2 weeks to reset
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    [USA] ZezeniaOnline [RPG] [Custom 100%] | Content Updates

    lmfao your "server" is legit zezenia pixels prob same game style with less people = shit , let them advertise stop hating
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    [USA] [Custom - 7.4] WeAreTibia PvP-RPG [EU PROXY 13/04/2019] [18:00 CET]

    :D what happens to shit servers when the owner is toxic and abusive, bahahaha dead ot charge that back kappa
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    [Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil] (BETA)Legendary MasterCores 7.4 is coming back!

    low rate def gonna reset in 2 weeks nty
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    your south america server was fucking garbage random shut down mid start up, lets see how you butcher a usa server
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    [Poland] [ Custom] | Story of Shinobi | Naruto | Advanced RPG | PVM BOT

    Imgur this is what your client is doing
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    [Poland] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans

    when will this be up?
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    [USA] Chronicles of Legends World 8.6 CUSTOM

    you do realize that he nerfed upgrades and crit chance runes the top levels are mages, give it another shot and read update logs archers and warriors arent as broken as they used to be its a new era give it a shot.
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    [USA]Return Of Tenebre[10.98]

    BRING BACK ROA, I know you got them files, if u need them I KNOW WHO got those files xD