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  1. Nikodada

    Any good Poke-OT out there?

    damn I havent played tibia for so long, i was trying to find a fun pokemon OT just to waste some time on but couldnt find on otservlist. I'm not interested in PAdventures, it's really boring.
  2. Nikodada

    LF a Fun Pokemon OT

    Hey, as title says. Anyone aware of any good? I played on PAdventures, but I find the exp abit too low for me and I personally don't like to level all the pokemons with that low exp rate, quite dull :P Do you know any fun pokemon ot? Preferably an English one with a faster leveling at the...
  3. Nikodada

    What do you think about the amount of online players?

    I love it. Not crowded hunt spots and it's big enough (Maybe 250 would be AWESOME) but 180 is pwn also :D
  4. Nikodada

    A social problem in an English Speaking country.

    Hey guys! Yesterday I got a task/project (kind of a big one) from my English teacher. The task/project is a formal oral presentation project with power point support. The presentation have to be really well constructed and I have to talk about it for atleast 12minutes. I've chosen the country...
  5. Nikodada

    Path of Exile

    Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We're a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in New Zealand and have created Path of Exile as the game that we'd want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy...
  6. Nikodada

    Selling Remove this thread please.

  7. Nikodada

    Anyone starting at RL tibia soon?

    Hello! A random thread I know, not begging just asking if anyone would like to help me out if you're starting at rl tibia soon :) How? Well, if you're going to create a new account on rl tibia (soon) and buy prem, may I "invite" you to the game? ' or If you're going to start soon...
  8. Nikodada


    Just started today after a long retirement, went to goroma medusas/ss. Goes down the stairs, got 925 hp (full hp) as a lvl 156 MS and full terra set on + magic sword. What happends? 1 shot me, does wave, hit like 400 if not more, dead on 0.1s, Whattafuck? I remember hunting them at...
  9. Nikodada

    Hmm.. What happend?

    To Yosef Rushar? How could low lvls kill him? guess he was afk o.O And he had rs so I wonder what he lost :3 Also he lost 2 lvls, damn thats alot xD
  10. Nikodada

    Regarding Paladins

    Yo Are they good here? Seen people complain over that they miss alot and they do low dmg, I got a RP that i've been skilled at offline trainers for a while and think it got decent skills now so.. Are they good or not? xD What makes them bad? low heal, dmg or too high misschance or whaat...
  11. Nikodada

    LF games

    Hey! I guess there have been many threads like this one, but unlike them I don't care if the game is F2P or P2P so, Game 1: I'm looking for a game thats familiar with WoW, it can be free or cost, doesn't matter. I've heard of SWTOR but is it good? If not which other games are there? I've...
  12. Nikodada

    Whooooo plays hereeeeeeeeeeee from otland?

    Hello. who plays hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????? ;]
  13. Nikodada


    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Do anyone play there? Seems like a really cool server, I'm gonna start there in 1 week when im back in Sweden and wondered if anyone plays there so im not 4ever alone theeere ;3
  14. Nikodada

    RealOTS, MasterCores or Tibianic?

    hey ,want to start on one of these 3 but dunno which is the best =/ vote & why. (this is not like the other 'vote' thread so Shush, tibianic added on this poll too.)
  15. Nikodada

    Dota 2

    Anyone here plays dota 2? if u do, gief name ;p
  16. Nikodada

    Ok I'm very confused now

    Hey, I wanted to download a tibia client (gonna start on Zantera) but.. I know theres 2 sites with tibia clients, and one is FAKE (filled with keyloggers) and now I don't remember which is the FAKED one.. so.. anyone know which site is the real one? is the real one without keyloggers...
  17. Nikodada


    To lazy to type info bout this game, just wondering if anyone is playing it, I'm playing on Aquamarine , if you play, tell me ur ign, if u play on aquamarine
  18. Nikodada

    Undrar ifall någon har en AWESOME spotify lista (Rock)

    tja tja, ska resa t Serbien imon via bil vilket tar ett bra tag, och har nyligen skaffat spotify, har några listor med rock låtar men antar att ja glömt en massa låtar (kmr nt på :/) så undrar ifall någon har en lista med Avenged Sevenfold Skillet Bfmv Papa Roach Och en andra massa epic låtar xD
  19. Nikodada

    Big Brother 2011

    Hej Jag har nu följt big brother ett bra tag, (för att jag har typ sett allt annat på TV) så börjat att gilla det så undra ifall det finns någon annan här på OtLand som även tittar på Big Brother 2011, Jo typ 5 min sen så fick Rodney lämna tävlingen pga utröstning. Tycker ni att det var...
  20. Nikodada

    Letar efter en ny serie att titta på :P

    Tjollahoppsan, jo ja söker efter en ny serie att titta på ;P hittar ingen ny serie så :/ hoppas nån av er vet :D Har sett dessa / tittar på dessa Simpsons Family Guy 2½ Men Biggest Looser CSI Criminal minds Criminal minds: Suspect behavior How I met your mother Entourage Jims Värld Alla...