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  1. Lordaeron

    Bytes works for 12.03 Client

    Hi! Im looking for some one that mabey have done it allready or wana make the new client 12.03 work to my server. Also make the features works like autoloot and all that. Contact me if you can make it and we can discuss price.
  2. Lordaeron

    Scripter Good payd work. High skilled php scripter needed.

    Hey! If you are high skilled php scripter that can do anything you wana do in php? Then you are the right person and you can earn good pucket money. PM me.
  3. Lordaeron

    Scripter Need a php/mysql skilled person for paid work.

    The work is to implant the some aac functions into my community script. Contact me if intressted. Ofc i will pay for the work.
  4. Lordaeron

    Team Lordaeron

    Hi everyone! Its time to get back to Open-Tibia and make some fun project. Tutors, Gamemasters, mappers, scripters etc. Are you intressted to join our team? Join us
  5. Lordaeron

    Scripter Geekbuddy - Service

    Hi! is working to insure that sellers get the money without draw backs money from buyers. We even insure that the buyer gets what that person paid for. We take the fight with paypal draw backs and other problems that can come up. Service is free for now but we will take 1% of the...
  6. Lordaeron

    C++ Ammunition from bag

    Anyone know whats need to be changed for make ammunation been taken directly from the bag and not need to be pushed up to arrow slot. Thanks in advance.
  7. Lordaeron

    Team Looking for testers / teammates need testers and temmates for up coming start release. If you are intressted PM or visit our website for more information. KNIGHT Can dual fight with fist weapons thats make them have twice faster attack speed. PALADINS Can use guns and bullets. Can conjure bullets...
  8. Lordaeron

    Party Shield

    Is there anyone that know what i have to fix to make people with state pvp "1" in database get an shield_grey and it will be shown for everyone not just party.
  9. Lordaeron

    Scripter Looking for skilled PHP/MYSQL scripter.

    Im working on something big and need an php mysql scripter More info will you get in PM. Ofc i will pay for everything. PM if intressted.
  10. Lordaeron

    Solved [C++] getStorageValue

    Hello guys, Anyone that can help me out what i have to do for use !player->getStorageValue(1234, 1) into weapons.cpp and spells.cpp?
  11. Lordaeron

    [PHP/LUA/C++] (Paid)

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for a PHP/LUA/C++ guy(s). PHP: Raids Day/Week/Month logs. (Raids that has been active under this days) Rebuild Character Profile with special signature etc. More will come. LUA: Raids Day/Week/Month logs for website. C++: Add new features to Store as...
  12. Lordaeron

    Programmer Flash client?

    Any one that has full working flash client for sale? PM me.
  13. Lordaeron

    Flash client?

    Im looking for some one that has full working flash client working for geisor? PM me.
  14. Lordaeron

    Scripter Looking for geisor php scripter

    I need some one that has skills to make some awesome scripts for geisor. Paying for work ofc. If intressted PM me.
  15. Lordaeron

    Scripter Looking for scripter.

    Im looking for scripter thats wants alot of work and has time for it. Everything from converting old LUA script to build new ones. Good paying for each script. PM me for more information
  16. Lordaeron

    [Sweden][10.9 Custom] RPG Low Rate - Started 5th February

    Server Started on 5 February! Registrer now! Website: Features: - Unlimited pots/runes/ammo for premium users. - Unique quests for unlimited pots/runes/ammo as a free user. - No over power equipment in donation shop - Offline training system - Online training system - New...
  17. Lordaeron

    [Sweden] r3kt ❂ Custom Client ❂ Real Map

    Website: Custom Client: Server Started on 20 Januari! Features: - Unlimited pots/runes/ammo for premium users. - Unique quests for unlimited pots/runes/ammo as a free user. - No equipment in donation shop - Offline training system - New unique...
  18. Lordaeron

    Scripter C++ Scripter Dual Wield

    Im looking for C++ scripter to make dual wield for fist weapons for TFS 1.0 and i have also some small fixes in the source. PM if intressted. Pays for the work.
  19. Lordaeron

    Scripter TFS 1.2 downgrade to 10.50

    I need TFS 1.2 downgraded to 10.50 without any debugs from the 10.50 client. I can pay for it. Give offer.
  20. Lordaeron

    TFS 1.2 downgrade to 10.50

    Any nice guy that can help me to downgrade TFS 1.2 from 10.77 to 10.50.!7METFaBa!Fl4WRwyt32HXdrmSpzcJxnLd23E_vErvf0f2VltPkak Thanks :)