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  1. drakylucas

    Crowdfunding community projects

    Main otclient repo is dead.. Your fork is alive :) About the topic, I think almost no one would donate, unfortunately. I think otland already had something similar to it on bountysource (Bountysource ToS change (https://otland.net/threads/bountysource-tos-change.271325/)) and almost no one...
  2. drakylucas

    The Violet Project - CipSoft Reverse Engineering Project

    Omg that's amazing! Good job! Just a quick doubt.. I have in my memory (but I can be wrong) that, in that time, weapons and shields used to drop inside a bag (therefore, it shouldn't be equipped in the monster), only equipments were considered equipped by the monster (changing their armor)...
  3. drakylucas

    Source's custom OT game engine (TypeScriptFTW)

    Reading the topic, I can only imagine that, after being teleported, the player would call a function that iterate over all creatures of the world (monsters, npcs, other players) and check the distance between their positions and player position. If the player is close to the creature, it sends...
  4. drakylucas

    Ranger's Arcani - Official Discussion

    Im not playing this server right now (due to lack of time) but I really recommend it. I played the open beta long time ago and it was amazing. Too many things to explore and an amazing custom client.
  5. drakylucas

    Map Editor Cloud

    You'd have to upload sprites and load them in chrome.. And loading a big map would be a heavy task for a browser (I guess). I think you're trying to solve a problem that actually does not exist. Why not just download rme and map in your computer?
  6. drakylucas

    Raspberry Pi

    Why would you use rme inside raspberry? Just edit your map in your computer and then move it to the rasp.
  7. drakylucas

    Problem with NPC dicer by nekiro

    I think someone already made a change similar to what you're trying to do: Post in thread '[TFS 1.x] Dicer/Gambler NPC' NPC - [TFS 1.x] Dicer/Gambler NPC (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-x-dicer-gambler-npc.257144/post-2573691)
  8. drakylucas

    Problem with casino npc, he withdraw low than i won

    In this part: if goldCoinAmount ~= 0 then Game.createItem(12543, goldCoinAmount, position) end You should actually loop it in case there are more than 100 goldCoinAmount Im in phone right now, but it should be something like: CODE=lua] if goldCoinAmount > 0 then repeat...
  9. drakylucas

    Extended View TFS 1.4 OTCV8

    After applying these changes on map.h, try increasing NETWORKMESSAGE_MAXSIZE value in const.h file as well.
  10. drakylucas

    Fake PK video

    I'm not sure, but you can try that: Get 15m pz lock Exit client in a place without any monster Wait ~3 minutes (depending on vocation) and login again. I think I read something like that in reddit.. You'll still get the skull but without red fight ticks I'm not sure if this is the way, but it...
  11. drakylucas

    what are the main spawns for level 1-300 in Tibia

    Hi all, I'm creating a custom server (currently on 10.98 version because of TFS, but planning to update it to 12x later on) that will use the old yurots map (you know it, I'm sure) with a very low exp/skill rates. The point is, tibia changed a lot since 7.6~ and now it's more focused in team...
  12. drakylucas

    Lua Requesting NPC Guild Master for TFS 1.4

    Hello all, can you please help me with a guild master NPC for TFS 1.4 (from GitHub - otland/forgottenserver: A free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++ (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver) without modifications)? It should be able to create/disband guild, invite and...
  13. drakylucas

    C++ Quiver system source modification attempt

    @Jaki Maoh Im not sure if it would work, but you can try changing CONST_SLOT_AMMO to CONST_SLOT_RIGHT in the step 3 of the tutorial you followed. (sorry, I'm on phone, it's hard to copy and edit code blocks here). This way, the verification for ammo will be moved to the right hand. Im not sure...
  14. drakylucas

    C++ Quiver system source modification attempt

    Just commenting, I think this is wrong: if (container->getID() == 38218 || 38180) // change quiver id here Correct would be if (container->getID() == 38218 || container->getID() == 38180) // change quiver id here Explaining: if the itemId is different than 38218, it was returning true for...
  15. drakylucas

    AAC [MYAAC] How can I change the default skills per vocation?

    Hello all, How can I change the default skills of each vocation? I tried changing on Samples in database, for magic level it works, but for shielding, sword, etc it does not work. It creates with the default value "10" for all vocations. I couldn't find the trigger in the database and also...
  16. drakylucas

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

    Hello, this is a very good project! Thanks for your contribution to the community! I'm totally newbie in containers/docker, but I'm trying to copy/paste some of your work to make a test here (without using ORTS). I have a doubt. I could manage to run the website/database though Docker, but it...
  17. drakylucas

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    Some time ago I played a server called "ruthless chaos". It was pretty fun. Loved the lore, all the systems (such as mining, gathering, dungeons without chests in the end, etc). They used to have a max level limit before someone killed all the bosses from lore. I think max level was 100 and, if...
  18. drakylucas


    It's missing "where" clause in your Sql statement table.insert(queries, "update players set level = " .. config.newLevel .. ", experience = " .. config.newExp .. "" .. (config.resetMagic and ", maglevel = " .. config.newMagic .. "" or "") .. (config.resetHealth and ", health = " ...
  19. drakylucas

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    Good lucky in your project! Just expressing my humble opinion, if the protocol of tibia is not well optimized as it could be (due to old technology perhaps?), recreate them in your way. This way, you only have to rewrite some things on otclient and we can have a modern server-side with...
  20. drakylucas

    ExpPotion tfs 1.3

    Yep, adding above code from @Xikini and not removing the addEvent part should also work. This way, when player login again, the addEvent is added again (in case he still have some time). You can also edit this onLogin function to add a message in case the timer expired while the player was...