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  1. Gazzger

    mana percentage ?

    Is it possible to show my mana in percentages somehow ? or maybe just increase the mana per bar. Because I am playing a highexp ot, so I have like 20 bars of mana. Impossible to know if im dieing or not :( I have googled this for days I feel but I don't even know what to search for. Is there...
  2. Gazzger

    A Challenge ^^

  3. Gazzger

    Quick Question about elfbot targeting

    Hello. What format is the of the targeting files when u save them? because its somehow bugged and only saves the file as a "file format" it did the same thing with my cavebot file but then I just renamed it to "XXXXX.elfc" and it worked just fine. So now I want to be able to do the same thing...
  4. Gazzger

    Solved [Elfbot] help!

    Since this doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the whole internet I guess I'll ask it myself. I am making waypoints and I wonder how to make an action to open a door? (in this case a level req door) Help is greatly appreciated!!!!